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Estimating Software

Estimating Software

Eworks Manager’s Estimating Software can build up an estimate from your schedule of rates, record a deposit and create a deposit invoice. You can print or email your estimates to your customer. If your customer changes their mind, asks for additional services or even wants it cheaper, you don’t have to redo the estimate, you can duplicate the original and make the necessary changes, click save and you now have two.

With all the estimates being stored in one place – creating a duplicate estimate for another customer is simply a click–thus saving time and allowing your sales staff to work on getting more business instead of searching for product prices.

Once the customer gives you the green light to do the work, you can easily convert the estimate to a job. The system then transfers all information to the job which is then ready to be assigned to a field operative. Eworks organises all estimates in such a way so you know at which stage your estimates are up to, helping you convert them and focus on the most important estimates to convert. Our estimate reports allow you to assess the sales team and view the figures as they happen.

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