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Inventory System

Inventory App

The Eworks Inventory App is useful when assigning stock to workers out in the field. The inventory feature on the App will ensure your workers collect the correct stock from the warehouse for an upcoming job. This feature also lets you keep track of the stock levels in each vehicle and do regular stock checks for each. The admin system stores a history when stock checks are done. This allows the admin to monitor stock movement and levels for your workers out in the field.

Field operatives are able to create their own picking lists when they require more parts from the warehouse. Instead of waiting for a superior to do this, they are able to request and collect stock whilst the admin system tracks a history of this. Staff using the inventory App are also able to transfer stock from their van to another location. This is handy if a colleague needs additional materials for a job. On the App, there is also the option to remove stock or return stock back to a supplier. this will automatically update the admin system - with a full history of course.

Import your stock once with the Eworks Manager inventory software and when an item is used on site, it will automatically come off your stock levels. Automatic triggers will be activated by the office so you don’t have to worry about running out. This elevates the run around of the day to buy materials needed.

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