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Job Sheet App

Job Sheet App

Eworks Manager takes the paper away from completing your job sheets. Our job sheet App will ensure that the job duration time, products used, any notes, and a signature from your customer or field operative is captured on the job sheet. Your field operative can record any additional work they have discovered or any parts required if they need to come back on another day. If the job has varied from the original instruction then via variations you can capture all products or SORs used. The variations then appear in the authorisation section of the admin system for the admin to approve before invoicing the work.

It is rare from our experience to estimate for a job and everything runs perfectly. Most of the time the client will change their mind or the extent of work will only be discovered on site. With Eworks Manager you can allocate certain products or SORs to the job when on site. The field operative can vary the quantities or add additional products or SORs. This makes sure that when the office invoices the job it includes everything that took place.

Making use of a job sheet App will ensure that job sheets are not misplaced or damaged. It also means that your job sheets will be in a system that is accessible when you need them.

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