Live Mobile Tracking

Live Mobile Tracking

With Eworks Manager's live mobile tracking app, you can easily track all your mobile user’s handset devices live! Track where your mobile users are and investigate past journeys they have taken with a full birds eye view. You can also easily set this up all within working hours. This ensures that you are only tracking the devices as and when you need.

You can easily find whereabout your mobile devices are and who they are assigned to with our Eworks Tracking map. With this information, you can also plan and assign work depending on who is closest to the site.

Eworks Manager's live tracking will inform you of your mobile users’ current location and the status of the device (whether it is active or inactive). You can also track what your user's battery percentage is on and discover if the tracking is switched off.

Our mobile tracking is a great tool to have within your Eworks Tracking system. If your devices ever get lost or stolen, you can easily see the last live location and the device's status.

Our system is easy to manage and use. With it, you can also choose which users you would like to have this activated against in your Eworks Tracking system.

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