RDP Software

RDP Software

Eworks Manager is greatly beneficial for the Reconstruction and Development Programme sector. Our RDP software ensures that all jobs, tasks and funds are completed and allocated correctly.

Being on a national level, it is ever important that small details are constantly monitored. Whether it be communication between the organisation and its customers or the handling of the organisation's assets, RDP companies need to monitor these details carefully.

We understand that there are multiple divisions to the RDP sector and we cater for the majority of them. Whether you need to manage housing and service jobs, water availability projects or electrification, Eworks Manager is here to help.

Beneficial Features to our Software

Our job card management software also allows you to assign the correct field worker to a specific job. As well as this, the system states the time period your workers have in order to complete the job. You are then also able to track their times travelling to site. The mobile App lets your field workers capture any notes or photo's relevant to that job. They can then automatically send this to the admin user in the office.

The reports feature within Eworks furthermore lets you view multiple reports. This creates reassurance as you don't need to guess which payments are still outstanding. From the admin system you are then also able to capture payments and expenses that occurred whilst on site. As well as this you can capture purchase orders, and add notes for a specific job.

Our triggers feature notifies anyone on the admin system of a specific, upcoming event. With this feature, your staff can also immediately notify your supervisor of a job that is overdue or when a purchase order has passed its delivery date. This function allows you and other members of staff to remain up to date on all that is happening.

With Eworks Manager you are also able to enter multiple sites against one customer. You can also enter the assets on those sites as well as all contact information relating to that site. This means that important information can not be lost.

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