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Manage all your customer data in an all in one system

Eworks Manager can help you manage your sales with our Sales CRM Software! Managing leads has never been easier. With our all-in-one system, you can import potential customers, manage existing inquiries and market to all your contacts!

This sort of system is perfect for those of you who use telesales staff for their appointments. With our Sales CRM Software, all your contact information is also automatically tracked and stored. Our system also allows you to run reports based on how your sales team is performing and how much profit is coming in. With our report feature, nothing will slip through the net!

Furthermore, our CRM Feature is a great addition to help you manage your customers! CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. Our CRM feature is hence intended to help businesses manage their customer data, interaction, information, complaints etc. This solution is a great way to keep all your customer information in one place, digitally.

Our sales CRM software will track your customer history such as;

  • Customer Data
  • Customer Information
  • Tasks
  • Jobs
  • Complaints
  • Customer Support
  • Invoices
  • Notes
  • Customer History
  • Calls
  • Emails
  • Customer Communication
Emails can also easily sync to the system via our Outlook plugin. This plugin can be installed with our short, step-by-step guide on the system. All notes and tasks are furthermore recorded against your potential lead or current customer.

With our reports feature, you will never be in the dark regarding your sales team and customer service department. Monitoring complaints is also important for any business. Fortunately, with our built-in complaints system, you will be on top of this.

Lastly, with our system, you can easily track all of your customer information so nothing passes you by! The CRM tab is also present on jobs, invoices, quotes etc so it is easy to find manage your data.

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Import Leads

Import all your leads into one system - Distribute to your sales team.

Customise Questions

Import all your leads into one system - Distribute to your sales team.

Track Sales

Import all your leads into one system - Distribute to your sales team.


Import all your leads into one system - Distribute to your sales team.

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