Waste Management Software

Waste Management Software

Eworks Manager benefits waste management companies by allowing them to create both reactive and recurring jobs on a waste management system. Our waste management software also allows you to assign jobs to field operatives and manage elements of their jobs. As well as this, field operatives can also complete job sheets on site by obtaining a customer signature.

Whether it be tending to chemical spillages, cleaning of industrial sites and tanks, landfill management, or plant demolition, Eworks takes control of the workflow process for you.

When waste management companies need to send a field operative to a customer's site to collect for example, recyclable goods, the office admin staff are able to create not only one day appointments but also a recurring job. This is ideal for those customers who need their waste collected daily, weekly or monthly.

Control Your Business With Our Waste Management Software

Your admin staff can assign these jobs directly to the field operative using the mobile App. The field operative can then select actions on the App stating that they are "On Route" or "On Site". By selecting these buttons, our waste collection management system then automatically tracks your worker's GPS location.

On completion of the job, the mobile App user is also able to capture a customer signature. This comes in handy when your worker needs to prove that they completed the job. Your workforce is also able to upload any work photo's for the office admin or customer to view.

Your field operatives can furthermore place a current job on "Hold" via the Mobile App. This is especially useful for when an accidental spillage occurs on another site. By placing a job "On Hold", the admin staff are then also automatically alerted. The operatives can then leave their current site and tend to the spillage emergency. This allows for no job to be left undone or unnoticed.

If your waste management company has rental agreements for waste containers or bins, you are also able to import these bins as assets onto the Eworks waste management system. These assets can contain checklists for field operatives to fill in on the mobile App to monitor the condition of the asset.

Eworks Manager can also digitise any document: be it contract agreements, company policies or certificates for safe keeping.

Waste management has never been easier to handle than with Eworks Manager’s waste collection software. If you would like to find out more information and have a free personalised demo of the software get in touch today

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