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Here at Eworks Manager, we aim at providing you with the best possible customer service. We understand that using a brand-new system can be challenging to understand, especially if you have never worked with a cloud-based system before.

Not only are we here to hold your hand during your subscription, but we also training videos for our Admin System and Mobile App. These videos are there in case you need that extra little bit of help on the spot.

The videos we have produced are there to deliver a step-by-step guide to the Admin System and how best to use it. It also illustrates how to use key features such as creating a task, invoicing, quoting, capturing leads etc. The videos will always be there for you to access. These videos are a great way to teach your staff, especially if they are struggling with certain areas. Our help videos can help save loads of time when struggling with something. Eworks Manager's Help Videos are great for training current and new staff that may be using the software.

Tutorials are one of the best means to train yourself and others in-house. However, if you have any further questions regarding our system, our fantastic customer service team are always happy to help no matter the issue!

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