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Managing an HVAC company is a tough job. Between organizing, scheduling appointments, and doing all the back-end paperwork, there’s hardly a moment to keep up with your employees in the field. The HVAC Industry requires quality software to organize and plan the business, no matter the size. Eworks Manager's HVAC Software allows for both Management and Technicians to effectively create jobs and manage them.

The CRM Feature ensures all communication such as emails, calls, and complaints between your company and your customer is captured. A full history is tracked and at the end of your fingertips when you need it. Assign jobs to the correct technician in the field by being able to see what area the rest of their jobs are in for that day. This saves time and money on unnecessary traveling.

Eworks allows you to track your technicians' time spent on a job. You can view the user time sheets using the report summary. This saves the admin staff time in capturing staff time sheets from a paper job card. It also means the job card cannot be lost or misplaced. A customer's signature is easily captured on the App. On the completion of the job, it automatically attaches to the job sheet.

The Live Panel lets you view the status of all current jobs. The colour-coded status of the job will update as it changes from On Route, to On Site, to Completed. This feature lets you know what is happening and where. Saving you the hassle of having to call the technician to find out where they are. This is where an excellent HVAC business software is so helpful.

Keeping your customers happy is one of the most important aspects of any business. This is why Eworks Manager offers the Customer Login Portal. Your customer is able to log into the system and view the progress of work being done for them. They are able to view any notes intended for them captured by the admin staff. This feature offers peace of mind for your customers, knowing that they can simply log in and have their questions answered. The SMS notification feature is also handy in keeping your customers happy and informed. It is up to you whether to send an SMS to your customer to let them know that a technician is on their way to site. This also ensures that you won't arrive at a job without access.

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