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Planned Preventative Maintenance Software

Planned Preventative Maintenance Software

If you’re looking for an all-in-one Job Management System then you have come to the right place! Eworks Manager is one of the leading Job Management Systems on the market today with our software constantly developing and offering new handy features to help your business workflow, digitally!

 With Eworks Manager you can program or import your recurring jobs into the system. The system will raise any job that needs to be completed for a specific date, automatically.

All you need to do to is just set the schedule and the jobs due to being completed within the system and this will then appear and notify you when you need to plan that job whether it be for a customer, a contractor or an internal job. You can plan these jobs via our Time Planner on the system, which will allow you to drag and drop any unassigned jobs to your field staff. The system will send these jobs across via email, SMS or refreshing their awaiting jobs on the App, to either accept or decline the job. The system will notify you when an action takes place, alternatively, you see any accepted or rejected jobs on the time planner with our colour coding blocks.

 Any rejected jobs will sit in unassigned on the right-hand side of the Time Planner, ready for your office staff to allocate to a field worker. You can then track the status of each appointment within a recurring job with our Live Panel or by viewing the Time Planner which the system updates when your staff have updated the status of a job via the app.

 You can set a ‘New Rule’ on any recurring job, so if you have a job that will run for a year, and requires everyday site visits to do the work, you can set a new rule/appointment so that the system creates an appointment every day, with a start and finish time for the next year automatically in your Eworks account, without you having to create jobs every day.

The Time Planner will also allow you to manage and track all Future Jobs. Future Jobs are all scheduled, unassigned Recurring Jobs, whether you have planned for them to take place weekly, monthly or yearly. You will activate the option to view all Recurring Jobs on the Time Planner and as they are scheduled to take place you will slot them in with a field worker that is or will be available. You can plan before the job needs to happen which allows your office staff to be proactive.

 Setting up your maintenance contracts has never been easier as all you need to do is let the schedule run and keep track of the job at hand.

 With full reports on all your jobs you can then find out all the answers you need for every contract you have on one screen, whether you want to find out how many jobs have been completed, how many are still active and how much money you are making or losing and with many other reports available.

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