Team Tracking Software - Monitor All Your Engineers and Job Progress

Team Tracking Software

Team Tracking Software

Our Team Tracking Software is the perfect solution for service management or field service management companies.

Eworks allows you to plan your jobs based on the current or future location of workers.  Allowing you to see all your jobs on a map helps you to cut down on travel time and petrol costs when scheduling appointments. Planning routes can be very difficult if you do not know the areas, but with Eworks you can click a button and group your jobs for a member of your team to complete.

Our Service Management Software allows you to sort your workers by their user type, and the jobs by type so you are planning the correct jobs to the qualified personnel. With one click you can find the nearest appointments to your job, thus allowing you to get the job planned when someone is already going to that area. Having the ability to see the field workers diary for the day helps you understand if you can give them that job or not. Using our Team Tracking Software could not be easier, thus the results it gives you are priceless.

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