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Eworks Manager is the smart way to plan your jobs

'Choosing the right job card software solution can improve your business with financial rewards that I never imagined!!'

Our Job Management Software helps you to keep a track of all your operatives and makes sure you never lose track of a job again. With Eworks Manager’s Job Card Management Software, you will be able to manage, plan and monitor all from one place. All your operatives will be able to complete electronic job sheets, we can also digitise additional docs for you. All information is stored from every job - helping you investigate better when things don't go to plan!

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Connect with your Mobile Operatives Seemlessly

'I go into some dark places with no signal and the Eworks App still works - amazing!'

Eworks Manager supports full offline mode. Allowing your mobile workers to complete the job even if they do not have a signal is essential. Our App will work even if offline. The data is stored and will be posted back to the office when you come back into signal. It doesnt even slow you down - its automated.

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