Calendar Schedule App - Plan and View your Job Card Diaries

Calendar Schedule App

Calendar Schedule App

Plan and view your jobs on Eworks' Calendar Schedule App

We all need a little reminder of what’s on today’s schedule. Especially on a Monday! This is why Eworks have created this handy little feature. The calendar schedule App will help you organise your day or week ahead!

The Eworks Manager calendar integration allows you to see your own calendar and what you have on today’s schedule. For example, you can see what jobs you have scheduled with their scheduled time. Additionally, if you have permission to access, you can also see your colleague’s diaries within the App. You will be able to see your colleagues' jobs which is great if you need to check their availability for any reactive jobs.

That being said, you can schedule jobs for yourself or your colleagues depending on their availability for the day or week. With this view at just a few clicks of a button within the App, you can plan, manage and time your working week effectively and manage your staff’s workload. As the My Calendar is integrated within the App, you no longer have to keep flicking back and forth from the App and your device’s calendar. You can now view everything in one place!

The My Calendar feature is easy to use and simple to access. Long gone are the days of working through endless amounts of paperwork to keep up with your workload for the week. The calendar integration will allow you to see clearly where you need to be, at what time and when you are free to attend any emergency jobs that may occur.

If you would like to find out more about our calendar integration on the App and see it for yourself then please book in an online demonstration where we can show you in depth exactly how it works and why it could help your business and staff become more efficient. Or if you haven’t already, sign up today with our 14-day free trial, no contracts or payment details required!

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