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Document Management App

Document Management App

At Eworks Manager, we understand that your business processes may contain specific protocol, documentation or reporting. These might be the need to complete specific forms, documents or certificates. In order to remain completely paperless, we can digitise any document for you. Once we digitise these documents for you we add them to your Eworks account. The custom documents can then be attached to all or specific jobs, for all or certain customers. Once added to a job, your field operatives can complete them whilst they are on site.

Whether you need to add an image, a signature or a text field to your document. All fields are editable. We can partially complete some of the fields with data already in Eworks Manager, leaving the field operative only needing to fill in the additional information.

We can work with you to make sure the document is exactly what you need by including any drop-downs list. All completed documents will be saved for future use. You also have the option to search for specific documents and print them straight from Eworks.

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