Field Service Software

Field Service Software

If your utilities company is looking for a constructive way in which to monitor and manage electricity, water, faults and installations, Eworks Manager will definitely work for you. Eworks assists in creating and managing work appointments for your staff so that when installations and repairs need to be done, your staff will be on time. This can either be done by converting a quote into a job or creating a new job from the admin system.

Your staff are also able to assign jobs from the Eworks manager mobile App. Jobs are then assigned manually to the correct electrician, technician or plumber. Our field service software also allows you to customise your appointment types. You can either mark certain jobs as a call out, a maintenance job an installation job etc. While your field workers complete their assigned jobs, you are also able to track the time they spend getting to site and how much time they spend on site.

Your workers can furthermore prove their work. They can do so by uploading any photo's relating to the job, capturing any notes and a customer signature. You can do all of this from the Eworks mobile App. With Eworks Manager's trigger feature, you are also able to select a notification from our list of triggers. These triggers are there to notify you or another member of staff of an event on the system.

For example; if you want to notify a member of staff when a job is overdue, it will send them an email or pop-up notification reminding them that the job is not complete. You can also easily record payments, view multiple reports and capture staff leave, Eworks Manager offers this and plenty more!

Record payments, view multiple reports and capture staff leave, Eworks Manager offers this and plenty more!

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