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Full-Featured Vehicle Management Software to Manage and Streamline Your Fleet Operations

The Eworks Managers Vehicle Management Software integrates fully with our Job Card Management Software. This blend is what makes us unique and sets us apart from other tracking services. Our system keeps track of your vehicles, regardless of your drivers being parked and taking a break or driving, their location is always live on our map.

You can also plan and manage your jobs within one system. This saves a lot of time and uncertainty, especially when keeping track of past, on-going and upcoming appointments. Our system is perfect for allocating reactive jobs as you can watch and direct your mobile workers while they are in the field. This helps you control time management and keep clients informed at all stages of the task. You can also monitor how long it takes for your workers to travel to their appointments, whether they are speeding, taking unnecessary detours and how long they spend at any specific location. This allows for more economical route preparation, reducing fuel costs and increasing efficiency.

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Playback Allows You to Monitor Where Your Fleet has been

Our Vehicle Management Software provides detailed playback of your field workers' movements. This allows you to track any errors which may have occurred and offer proof should false statements be received. Knowing where your workers have been gives you additional insight into your staff's travels and time management throughout the day. This provides for more efficient planning and a better perception of your business and recurring customer concerns which need to be addressed.

Reactive Planning with Live Location & Automatic Updates

The live map within our Vehicle Tracking Software enables you to see where your mobile users are at all times. This is especially beneficial for those crisis tasks which need to be completed as soon as possible. With our Vehicle Management System giving real-time location data, you can efficiently allocate the closest worker to any reactive tasks which may come in. Automatic updates let you know when your workers' are on-route, on-site and when a job is completed, allowing you to keep your clients informed at all times.

Turn Off Tracking After Hours

Eworks Manager gives you the capability to track your team at all times; however, should your team be driving their own vehicles, tracking can be disabled after hours. This allows for accurate tracking information during office hours and gives your staff the freedom they need when off duty.

Comprehensive Reporting with Driver Behaviour Scores

Eworks Manager provides driver performance reports for all your drivers. These reports include distance travelled, journey reports, speed reports, user and job reports so you can always control jobs and staff. You can pull up reports on your drivers and be alerted of any device that has been disconnected. For example, if one of your team unplugs their tracking device, you will be notified immediately.

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Vehicle Tracking System FAQs

1What is a Vehicle Tracking System?
Vehicle Tracking Software combines the use of GPS tracking with a system that collects fleet data for a complete picture of your vehicles locations. Fleet managers commonly use Management Software for fleet management functions such as tracking, routing and dispatching.
2What can I do with Fleet Tracking Software?
Fleet Monitoring Software allows fleet operators to get detailed information on the performance of their vehicles. It is a superior database that enables the tracking and reporting of important properties that can improve effectiveness and reduce costs. This is done by decreasing downtime and encouraging productivity.
3What are the benefits of Vehicle Management Software?
A Vehicle Management System can improve productivity with less calls to workers and increase client happiness with decreased turnaround times. In many countries, having a tracking device installed can lower insurance costs as it reduces the risk of theft.

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