Job Scheduling App

Our Job Scheduling App has lots of features, discover them below, enjoy.

Mobile Sales Features

We have many features in our sales system, which allows you to keep a hand on building your business. Whether you have a sales team/department or just yourself - these features will help you convert more sales.

Mobile Job Management Features

Our system allows you to manage your jobs with ease. Long gone are the days of using excel and huge pivot tables. Using Eworks Manager's Job Scheduling App allows you to automate your processes and become more efficient. Never lose sight of another job.

Mobile Planning Features

Planning jobs is an art. You have good planners and poor administrators that just process requests. Using Eworks Manager, you can plan more efficiently with job locations, job types, engineer skills and product costs. MONITOR THE PROGRESS OF JOBS IN REAL TIME.

Finance Features

Making sure all the figures add up - With many finance integrations, you will be in safe hands using Eworks Manager.

System Support and Training

We have features within Eworks Manager specifically built for Enterprise size organisations.

Power to the Mobile
Worker in their Hand

With a feature rich Mobile App, your workers and sub-contractors can achieve all that is required of them.

Our Mobile App allows your mobile worker to have total control. SECURITY is a vital part of most companies, and we give you control over what you want your workers to see, don't worry!

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