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Mobile Inventory App - Control & Manage Van Stock with our Complete Inventory Management App

Our Inventory Management App helps you keep track of all your inventory and stock.

No matter what line of business you are in, you will need to manage some inventory. A restaurateur may need to keep track of their food and beverages, a plumber might use it to keep stock of their consumables or parts, and someone who owns a retail shop could keep track of their stock.

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Easily Manage and Monitor Van Stock

When materials are assigned to a task, your office staff can quickly see if the field worker assigned to an appointment has the necessary materials available in their van. If not, they can inform the worker to collect stock from your warehouse or supplier should the warehouse be out of stock. If your workers van stock is running low, you can create orders from your mobile. The system stores a full history of these orders. This allows them the freedom to replenish their van stock without having to wait for the office to mediate the ordering, collection or delivery process.

Processing Purchase Orders

Keep track of all Purchase Orders, whether you are ordering stock for a task, project or location. With our Inventory Management App, you can capture partial shipments and invoices from your suppliers, directly from your mobile device. This ensures that you get all the inventory originally ordered and makes tracking and managing ordered stock a lot easier.

Transfer Stock from One Location to Another

When each stock item is added, transferred or collected from a location, it automatically modifies each locations quantity. This eliminates the hassle and possible errors in capturing every movement manually. When stock allocated to a task is not available in the worker's van, the system will automatically generate a picking list for the employee to collect from the selected location. The admin staff can quickly create picking lists to transfer stock from one place to another. Mobile Inventory Management is an effective way to carry out stock checks. Add your items and quantities, and once finished, any errors can be pointed out.

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Inventory Management App FAQs

1What is Mobile Inventory Software?
Our Mobile Inventory App ensures you are reactive when it comes to over-ordering, under ordering and theft control, which in turn reduces your expenditure and allows for quicker response times on your appointments. If you have a warehouse where you keep your stock and multiple staff out in the field, then our mobile inventory management is the ideal tool for you!
2Will my employees have access to the Inventory?
Yes, your staff will be granted access to our Inventory Management App. If you operate in an industry like plumbing, electrical, or even property management, your team will likely spend their working days moving between different appointments. It would help if you had a way to guarantee that your staff know what resources are available and our inventory tracker is the way to do it.
3How does an Inventory Management App work?
Our software is simple to use and can be introduced to both you and your workers through our inventory tracker app. You can use it for various processes, including but not limited to tracking deliveries, creating job cards, and tracking sales performances. It is an invaluable tool which will provide a precise and current analysis of your business.
4Is the App compatible with my device?
We have fought hard to make sure that our app is compatible with any device you may choose to use in your company. Our inventory tracker app is compatible with all iOS devices, iPads and iPhones, as well as Android devices. Our inventory control software can also be used on a computer so everyone can stay up-to-date no matter what equipment they are viewing the program from.
5Why should I opt for Inventory Management Software?
If you feel like you need more control over your stock and inventory, you should consider implementing our inventory management software. Since it covers much more than just stock inventory, it can also streamline other aspects of your company, leaving you more in control of everything overall. Decisions will be easier to make, and you will know that everything is running as efficiently as possible.

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