Asset Maintenance Software

Asset Maintenance Software

Asset Maintenance Software is available on the mobile App. When asset related jobs are assigned to a field worker they can view asset information and its service history. Field workers can also capture bespoke information against the asset, capture photos and any parts used against it during a job.

Allowing your field worker to update and add information against an asset from site instead of manually capturing information will save a huge amount of time. Not only on the field staff's side but also on the admin side.

If a new asset needs to be added to the system staff can do this from the App. They can add all relevant information such as serial numbers, model numbers and the location. Each asset comes attached with custom fields. This can be a checklist or a set of specific questions that the field worker needs to complete when doing work against the asset. Each time a job is done against an asset and the custom fields are entered, the system captures a history of this. That way, if there are discrepancies that arise you have a full history of the asset details.

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