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Property Maintenance Software

Eworks Manager is the ideal software system for companies that need to manage and maintain multiple properties using one system. Whether you need to create quotes, schedule jobs, or manage assets on your customer's site, we've got your back. Our multi-functional Property Maintenance Software system ensures that all jobs are complete in time and manages payments properly. Furthermore, the system captures and stores maintenance work done against an asset for future reference.

Reactive Jobs

The many tracking features we offer in our system allows for your office staff to assign and track all reactive jobs. Whether you would like to assign a new job to an available worker or to a worker who is closest to the job, the system offers you many ways to do so. The Time Planner also allows you to slot in an unassigned job to a worker who is free. You can do this simply by dragging and dropping the job into the empty slot.

As soon as the worker accepts the job the colour-coded block will automatically update. The Geo Planner, Mobile Tracking and Vehicle Tracking features also allow you to assign jobs to the closest worker to the job. The system picks up the live location of workers using the Mobile App or tracking devices installed in their vans.

Planned Work

Creating jobs in the system with a specific date and time allows for the scheduling of planned work. You can either send the job to a worker immediately or dispatch it to them just before. The system raises a conflict notification if you assign a job to a worker that has another job at the same time. A way to correct the conflict notification is to assign the job to another worker. That or you can send the job straight to the Time Planner.

Once on the Time Planner, you can immediately see who is available to do the job. From there, you can easily assign it to a worker that has an open slot. Our software will also assist you in setting up a recurrence for planned work that needs to take place daily, weekly or yearly for each of your customers. By setting up your rule, the system will automatically raise the job in the system.

Asset Management

Easily manage and maintain Assets for multiple customers and sites. Eworks provides an asset import feature which allows you to import all your assets at once. Our system lets you create jobs, and Recurring Jobs against assets so that a maintenance schedule can be planned and assigned beforehand, therefore never missing a job again. Our system automatically generates an Invoice for machinery and equipment that you can send to your customer. All you need to do is input the details, set a rule and run them when they are due. Eworks will let you add custom questions or checklists against each asset, which your field worker can fill out each time they do a job against an asset. The system automatically stores the information entered and saves it for future use.


When using our Mobile App to complete jobs in the field, workers can add notes and attach work pictures. As well as this, they can attach any recommendations – if additional work needs to be done on that site. Triggers and notifications can be set up so that the office can be notified as to when the job is complete or if it requires office intervention to order in more parts or get in touch with the customer. Our CRM tab within quotes, jobs, invoices etc. ensure that every movement and change made in the system or out in the field is tracked and stored. If management ever needs to backtrack through the history.

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