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Manage your IT technicians easily with a cloud-based management software. Perfect for scheduling jobs, and tracking tasks.

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IT Help Desk Software - Job Management Software for the IT industry

How Eworks Manager's Award-winning IT Help Desk Software can help your business in the IT field?

As an IT company, keeping up with deadlines can be difficult, especially when there are many challenging tasks at hand. Because of this, you need to have strong communication between staff members inside and outside the office. Better communication means better workflow. With Eworks Manager's Job Card Management Software, you can ensure that your employees stay on track of important deadlines. This is important because staying on track of deadlines lends itself to keeping your customers happy, which maximises your profits. With our IT Help Desk Software, your staff can instantly view any jobs that have been placed in the system.

Managing Jobs & Inquiries Have Never Been Easier!

Import potential customers into our IT CRM Software, manage existing inquiries and market to all your contacts.

Create Tickets and manage till completion

Managing your customer queries is much easier when using Eworks Manager's Help Desk Software. Create, manage, and track all your tickets, in one system, so that you are always aware of any issues.

To create a ticket, your staff or client can select the category of the issue, select what the issue relates to, give a description of what the issue is, and add an attachment if needed.

Tickets can be created by staff through the admin system, or by customers using the customer login portal. Your customer does not need to phone in or email for assistance.

Tickets can speed up response time, ensuring that your customers are always satisfied with your service.

Plan jobs Efficiently

We offer a range of planners to assign jobs to available workers. See who is available and, with our drag and drop feature, slot the job into your employee's diary. Once saved, our Staff Scheduling Software will automatically update your technicians' schedules on the Mobile App.

Track your technicians in the field using Live or Vehicle tracking

Eworks Manager offers Live Mobile Tracking and Vehicle Tracking. Both features allow you to see the live location of technicians and receive automatic updates on their jobs.

The Live Mobile Tracking feature tracks your technicians' devices while out in the field. You can identify which site your workers are at, and how long they are on-site. You can also track who is the nearest to any reactive jobs that may come in.

Vehicle Tracking also has Fleet Management benefits, allowing you to keep updated with driving behaviour reports, journey reports, mileage, and more.

Invoice on-site or in the office

Generate invoices on the move with the Mobile App or from the Admin System. Manage your overdue invoices and set payment terms for each customer. Customise your invoices with your company's brand and structure.

Eworks Manager also integrates into SAGE One, QuickBooks and Xero accounting software's, for your convenience. Our system also allows you to export your invoices for accountants or bookkeepers.

Facility Software FAQs

1How will IT Helpdesk Management Software benefit me as an IT Manager?
You, as the manager, have a whole range of various tasks to complete to make your business run as smoothly as possible. Our IT Job Management Software will streamline every aspect of your business. The software is comprised of everything you need, from sending out quotes to assigning jobs, tracking your mobile technicians, and invoicing. Our management software is developed for the service industry and can be accessed on any mobile device, via our Mobile App.
2What can I do with IT Maintenance Software?
Create jobs or job cards from the system or app. Assign jobs to projects or multiple trade jobs. Our Staff Planning Software has a virtual whiteboard that allows you to see all your diarised jobs.
3Does IT Helpdesk Software improve efficiency?
Eworks Manager's Job Management Software was shaped to enhance the efficiency of your entire business, for you and everyone in your team. One of the most useful plugins in our software is aimed at helping your business go paperless. The system is accessible through the Admin System, which is generally utilised by your admin staff, and the Mobile App, which was designed for your team of field workers. The app enables field workers to log jobs, send quotes, and more. With everything captured within one app, they can spend more time focusing on their current job at hand.
4How will IT Maintenance Management Software benefit my workers?
Your field workers will be able to spend more time doing their jobs instead of paperwork. Our mobile app removes the paperwork from the field and automates timekeeping while updating the office on the status of jobs in real-time.
5Can I monitor my field technicians?
Our Employee Tracking System tracks your field staff's current location and then gives them directions to their next job.

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