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Job Card Software - A Job Card Management Solution Developed to Organise Your Jobs and Field Technicians

An All-in-one Job Card Solution designed to help manage your workflow and field staff, quickly and efficiently.

Manage your workflow within one system, including tasks and projects, quotes, invoices, prospects and customers, and much more! Plan tasks and set appointments for your teams and track everything from our Job Card Management System with real-time alerts and trigger notifications. Eworks Manager's system is designed for service and trade businesses who are always in the field.

Now you can manage your field technicians with far more control. Eworks Manager includes everything you need to monitor your workflow, mobile workers, and boost productivity. Our system also provides various features to improve communications between you and your team in the field, your customers, suppliers, and even contractors. Our Mobile App is ideal for your field workers so that they have access to an electronic job card solution in the palm of their hands.

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Schedule and Plan Jobs Ahead of Time

As you create new jobs in the software, you can assign mobile users to each task. The Time Planner feature lets you set each task or appointment with a drag-and-drop method. It is much easier to create new work for your staff by looking at their diaries. Field technicians can accept their assigned tasks from the Mobile App, and change the status of the appointment according to the progress. Our platform tracks the time each worker spends on-site, including travel time so that detailed quotes can be generated.

You can save time by planning jobs in advance, as your team's schedule is automatically synced to their device.

Real-Time Updates Available on the Live Panel

Our Live Panel shows a constant feed of your team's progress in the field. Once appointments have been completed, put on hold or sent to the office for authorisation before invoicing, the Live Panel in the Admin System helps your office staff make faster decisions and more effective responses. The software ensures that the designated admin staff can authorise jobs and send them for invoicing.

Get Your Jobs Approved, On-Site & Safely!

Users can get their appointments approved directly from the App once they have been completed.

Clients can sign off the job with our Signature method. You can also choose to capture up to 10 seconds of audio, where the client can record themselves verbally approving the appointment. Our SMS and Email method sends your client a link for them to click and approve the completed task. All of these approval methods can be sent no matter where you are in the field.

Business Reporting Software

Our extensive reporting suite allows you to see who your most productive workers are and identify who your most profitable workers are. Comprehensive reports can be produced within the Admin System, including reports on Job Summary, Invoices, Job Cards, and much more. Eworks Manager integrates with leading accounting packages including Sage One, Xero and QuickBooks. The software also allows you to export essential information for your bookkeeper or accountant to review.

Track Your Mobile Technicians

Both our Vehicle Tracking and Live Mobile Tracking features display the live location of your team members in the field and receive automatic updates of their progress.

Our Vehicle Tracking Software tracks driving behaviour, distance travelled, and offers other various fleet management benefits.

Our Live Mobile Tracking feature tracks your field technicians' devices while they are in the field. You can easily distinguish which site your mobile workers are at and how long they spend or have spent, on-site. You can also quickly identify who the closest worker is when an urgent appointment comes in.

Complete digital documents and certificates on our Mobile App

Digitise any of your documents, including compliance certificates within our platform. The Mobile App provides access to digital versions of your mandatory certificates, so you don't have to complete paperwork on-site. Your documents are stored in the software, which is hosted in the cloud, so you never lose or misplace any of your documents.

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Job Card Software FAQs

1What is Job Card Software?

A complete Job Card Software helps you create, manage and keep track of your jobs more efficiently, using a digital system. Transparency within your business is improved and processes are streamlined when it comes to authorising jobs and sending them for invoicing.

The Admin System automatically syncs with the Mobile App, meaning that every action recorded on the app reflects on the Admin System in real-time so that admin staff can quickly correct issues that may occur.

2How can Electronic Job Cards benefit my business?

Many companies are still dealing with masses of paperwork and haven't thought about moving towards using a management platform. This is because they don't trust technology to do the work for them.

When you use a powerful Job Card Management Solution like Eworks Manager, you adopt a structured platform that improves and streamlines the way your business runs. Eworks Manager has helped many businesses reach a much higher level of productivity and profitability, and eliminate paperwork.

3How can Electronic Job Cards help my company's profitability grow?
Time management is the perfect place to start if you want to improve your company's profitability. With good Employee Time Tracking App, you will see a vast improvement in employee productivity, which grows profitability. Our software also shows accountability for time allocation, which discourages your team from wasting time on non-work-related tasks. Eworks Manager is the Number One Job Card Management Solution for any business in South Africa.

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