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Keep your mobile workers safe. A system designed for Domestic, Industrial and Commercial cleaning and hygiene companies. Create, manage and assign your jobs efficiently. For a 14-Day Free Trial, click here!

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Cleaning Service Management Software - Job Management Software for teams of cleaning and hygiene businesses

How can Eworks Manager's Cleaning Service Software help cleaning and hygiene businesses?

With Eworks Manager's Job Management System, you can create a quote and convert it into a job easily. Once a cleaner is assigned a job, the cleaner will receive a notification on our Cleaning Company Management App. Through this, you can track the progress of the job and tasks to be completed easily. Your office staff can view images the cleaners have uploaded to jobs and see any notes the user has made. They can also view the customer's approval, if applicable, and then send the invoice immediately once the work is complete.

With our Cleaning Service Software, you can easily record any cleaner's time spent on every job on the Mobile App through the status change. Statuses can be changed from "Accepted" to "On Route", "On-site", and "Complete". The app also tracks the time and geo-location of when and where the status was changed.

Managing & Schedule Jobs From Anywhere!

Manage your sales, staff, jobs, improve work productivity and grow profits.

Quote clients and convert quotes to jobs with ease

Create quotes and print or email them directly to your customers.

Convert quotes into jobs instantly, without losing any information.

Our Mobile App gives you access to create a quote on-site, speeding the job process up.

Set up your recurring jobs based on your service level agreements

Create Recurring Jobs for customers who require your services on a scheduled day and time. Create a job and set a recurrence rule, which will automatically create the jobs in the Eworks Manager System, be it every day, week, or month.

All you need to do after that, is assign the job to the cleaner.

Easily assign and schedule jobs

Cleaners using the Mobile App can sync their work schedules to their calendars. That way, the office admin staff can easily see what jobs have been scheduled for each day. Information pulled through from the job scheduler to the calendar includes the job number, the times, the customer with the address details and the current status of their appointment.

Ensure your field staff follow the correct hygiene protocols based on the jobs they are doing

The Questionnaire feature is a great tool to ensure that every staff member follows the Health and Safety regulations daily. For example, the questionnaire could ask the cleaners if they are wearing gloves when they arrive on-site. These questionnaires are also great for gathering additional information from each job, cleaner or customer.

Track your team in the field

Eworks Manager offers both Live Mobile Tracking and Vehicle Tracking.

Both tracking features allow you to see the live location of the cleaners in the field and receive automatic updates of their jobs.
Vehicle Tracking also has Fleet Management benefits, enabling you to keep updated with driving behaviour reports, mileage, journey reports, and more.

The Live Mobile Tracking feature tracks your cleaners' devices while out in the field. You can identify which site your cleaners are at, and how long they spend on-site. You can also track who is the closest to any reactive jobs that may come in.

Cleaning Company Software FAQs

1What is Cleaning Service Software?
Cleaning Company Software is a unique blend of different programs which has been tailored specifically for people in your industry. It has all the capabilities you need to run your business integrated into one easy-to-use portal. If you feel that you are continually clicking between various programs when taking care of your admin, this might be the solution for you. It takes all your existing software and combines them to make something new and much more streamlined.
2How will Cleaning Service Management Software benefit me as an Employer?
You, as the employer, have a whole range of tasks to complete for your business to run as smoothly as possible. Our Cleaning Service Management Software will completely streamline every aspect of your business. The software offers everything you need, from sending out quotes, assigning jobs, tracking your mobile technicians, to invoicing. Our management software is built for the service industry and can be accessed on any mobile device, using our Mobile App.
3How will Staff Management Software benefit my cleaners?
Your cleaners will be able to spend more time doing their jobs, instead of paperwork. Our mobile app automates timekeeping, removes all the paperwork from the field and updates the office staff on the status of jobs in real-time.
4What can I do with Cleaning Management Software?
Create jobs or job cards from the admin system or mobile app. Assign jobs to projects or multiple trade jobs. Our Staff Planning Software has a virtual whiteboard allowing you to see all your jobs which have been scheduled.
5Can I track my cleaners' jobs in real-time?
Real-time job tracking helps you react to unplanned issues that happen in the field, instantly! Knowing where your cleaners are at all times allows reactive jobs to be assigned to either the closest worker, or the one who finishes their current job the soonest.
6Can I monitor my cleaners?
Our GPS Tracking Software allows the app to track your cleaners' current location and give them directions to their next job. If you are in charge of several employees, you can use the software to assign jobs to various staff as needed. You can then track their location so you as an employer can see if they are making their job appointments on time. It is also beneficial to the field workers as the software can be viewed on our mobile app, which gives them the location and details about their next job.
7Does Cleaning Scheduling Software improve efficiency?
Eworks Manager's Job Scheduling Software was developed to enhance the efficiency of your entire business, for you and everyone in your team. One of the most beneficial features of our software is that we help your business go paperless. The system is accessible via the Admin System, which is typically utilised by your admin staff, and the Mobile App, which is designed for your team of technicians or cleaners. The app enables mobile workers to log jobs, send out quotes, and more. With everything handled from within one app, they can spend more time focusing on whatever job happens to be at hand.
8How will it help me interact with my Customers?
One of the best uses of a Job Management Software is for the production of quotes and invoices. When a customer first contacts you, you can assess the situation and input your notes into the software to create a custom quote. Once the job is completed, the software can then send the invoice onto the customer. It is straightforward and seamless at every point of the job.

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