Time Tracking Software - Monitor All Your Job Cards and Track Times

Time Tracking Software

Time Tracking Software

Our live panel is the perfect job tracking software for you. Eworks Manager’s live panel lets you have a TV or large screen up in your office. This allows you to have a visual display of all the actions taking place in the field.

You can select the users you want to watch and see their progress. We have dynamic updates and you can choose at what interval you want your live panel to update.

If your field operatives are running late, you can reschedule any other appointments for that day or draft in another field operative to complete the outstanding work. If they cannot get access to a property, then you will get an update within seconds, allowing you to work with the field operative and the customer to gain access.

The live panel on Eworks can let you split up the panel into teams so managers can look after their field operatives.

You can react to and manage jobs as they happen without following up with operatives on their progress. The completed job will contain the job sheet to view, print or email. Your staff can then send the authorised job for invoicing.

Keeping ahead of your competitors is about great customer service, Eworks helps you achieve that.

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