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Pool Maintenance Software

Eworks Manager will be beneficial to pool maintenance companies who have workers out on the road completing jobs and using the mobile App to do so. The Eworks mobile App allows an office admin to assign jobs to workers who are on the road, the worker will receive a notification on their device about the assigned job and the worker has the opportunity to accept the job or reject it - in reason.

Once the job has been accepted by the worker he can then click on the "On Route" button, you then have the option to send an SMS notification to your customer letting them know that someone is on their way, this takes away the customers frustration of guessing if someone is even going to show up that day.

If any issues arise while on site, the worker is able to inform the admin staff immediately by sending them a message from the App, if additional parts are needed the worker can inform the admin staff via the mobile App allowing them to create a purchase order within minutes. The worker is also able to put a job "On Hold" to leave site in order to purchase the parts them self, they can then attached a photo of the invoice and the amount and the admin staff can add the variation to the invoice once the job sheet is completed and sent back to the office, all on the mobile App.

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