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Job Scheduling Software

Job Scheduling Software

All mobile workers can use any smartphone/tablet to have their jobs sent to them. Long gone are the days to be in the office at 8 am to receive your jobs for the day. When using our App, the office can send your jobs and appointments directly to you. This enables you to go straight to your job and complete it with all the information you require in your hand. The admin system manages and tracks the progress of all jobs in real time. Eworks’ Job Scheduling Software lets you make time-critical decisions a lot easier. The admin system tracks travel, appointment time and expenses so you get a true cost of the job in progress.

With the ability to take photos, view and add attachments, and fill out forms on the go, Eworks Manager eliminates the use of paperwork. The mobile App will allow you to complete a paperless job sheet and capture a signature against the job sheet. Helping you get the confirmation you require from a customer or operative. In addition to the features above, the App will also let you capture the time spent on site, any photos, expenses and record any recommendations you have discovered. If the job requires additional parts, field workers can add variations to the job for the office to invoice correctly.

The mobile App also offers the option to authorise and send a job for invoicing, whilst on site. This will be beneficial if you are a one or two-man show, if not, your workers out in the field can complete the job and leave the rest up to the office. The access rights within Eworks lets you decide who has access to certain parts or features of the system. This includes the mobile App. For an example, decide whether a specific field staff can add additional products to a job, or if a field worker can view everyone’s jobs. It’s all up to you.  We have several plug-ins available on our system to make your Eworks system more advanced so please get in touch with us and we would be more than happy to talk through your requirements. Get in touch today to book your free online demo of the system or start your 14-day free trial so you can see the system for yourself.

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