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Mobile Job Card App - Your Mobile Technicians Have Access to all of their Job Details On Hand, using our Mobile App

A Mobile App Designed to Manage Your Team's Jobs and Keep Them Informed in the Field

Eworks Manager gives your team access to their schedules and all their job information in the field. When jobs are created and allocated to mobile technicians, they can be slotted into an open time slot on the Time Planner. The mobile users will see the appointment pop up on their schedules, where they can accept the job and view the job information in detail, as well as directions and instructions, documents or attachments.

Our system tracks all your mobile users' time spent on each appointment, and when the job is completed, the job card will be updated and saved on the system. Job cards can be signed off by admin or a customer as soon as a job is completed.

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Setting up Job Cards for Your Mobile Technicians

Eworks Manager can customise your job card templates for you so that you can include as much information as you need. When you add employees to the admin system, you have the option to add their cost per hour. For example, you may require a supervisor on-site for the week.

The Mobile App's time tracker starts as soon as the mobile user accepts or changes the status of a job and stops once the job is completed. Each user's travel and on-site time also adds to the costs of the job, so that your team quotes for the time spent on your appointments accurately.

Attach Required Documents or Files to Your Appointments

You can upload and digitise any company documents, compliance certificates or files and attach them to their relevant job. Mobile users can use the app to access and complete the documents from their mobile device. Having your essential documents on hand eliminates the hassle of carrying around paperwork from site to site.

Get Real-Time Job Progress Updates

The Live Panel feature on the Admin System assists your admin staff in making fast and informed decisions to the mobile users' responses from the field. The Live Panel displays a live depiction of your mobile technicians' job progress in the field. The appointed admin assistants can authorise and sign off jobs and send them for invoicing almost instantly. The system ensures that no jobs are missed or lost because we have eliminated physical job cards.

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Job Card Software FAQs

1Who uses Job Card Software?

Many different industries use Eworks Manager's Job Card App, especially companies whose employees work remotely. This software is very popular with trades and service industries, like plumbing and electrical businesses, maintenance specialists and the facility management business.

Eworks Manager's system and Mobile app were designed to help these kinds of businesses and industries to become more efficient and go completely paperless.

2What is Job Card software?

Job Card Software was developed for better communication between a business's administrators and mobile workers. Essentially job card software eliminates the paperwork and administration that comes with running various jobs with different contractors and customers, as the job cards are electronic. All of the admin can be managed within the Job Card Management System, whether you're sending jobs out to contractors, sending invoices to customers or monitoring your company vehicles.

Eworks Manager's cloud-based Job Card Management System ensures that your work is always safe and available whenever you need it. Your entire system can be accessed via a link on your desktop or via our Mobile App. The system operates in real-time, shows a live feed of job progress, and shows workers' availability for when you have an urgent job that needs to be tended to.

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