Gps Tracking Software - Locate Your Workforce With Eworks Manager

GPS Tracking Software

GPS Tracking Software

It’s important to know what is happening out on the field with your staff. With Eworks Manager, you can track your field works with our GPS Tracking Software!

When a job is accepted by a field worker you can see the job history within our CRM. You will also see where about your worker was when they accepted the work. Whenever your user has updated their jobs on the App, with their location settings turned on you will see a location update.

With our tracking software, you can also see when they were last logged into the system and where about they were via our geo-location map on the system, so you can inform customers on their whereabouts and see if they are where they should be!

With Eworks, you can track your workers in the comfort of your own office, keep your customers up to date and plan reactive jobs efficiently with the Geo Planner. If you would like to find out more about the Gps Tracking Software, please get in touch to get an online demonstration of the software or sign up for your 14-day free trial today with no strings attached!

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