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Inventory Management System - The Most Efficient Inventory Control System Designed For Your Field Service Business

Gain Better Control Over Your Stock Movements and Manage Supplies from One System

Field Service and Trades businesses usually keep stock in their warehouse or stock room and their work vehicles. Materials are often ordered to be delivered straight to the job site, but other parts or items that are regularly used are ordered into stock to be allocated to jobs from the warehouse. It's not easy to keep track of materials when each technician's vehicle is considered as a stock location, so it's difficult to know the exact number of items in stock. Inaccurate data collection or stocktake can lead to over or under ordering materials. This can cause job costing errors as materials used from the mobile technician's van are not always monitored or recorded as a cost to the business. Eworks Manager's Inventory Tracking System will help solve all of these stock management concerns.

Eworks Manager offers your business a simplified management system to track your stock movements. With our system, you can easily manage what you already have in stock, what items have been allocated to jobs in progress, and what materials are available or need to be ordered for upcoming jobs.

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Manage and Monitor In-house and Vehicle Stock

Eworks Manager's Inventory Control System can be used to manage and monitor each of your storage locations. You can view the total stock and stock values for each location so that your team will know what stock is at each warehouse or Mobile Location (vehicles) - minimising over or under-stocking.

Monitor Purchase Orders and Incoming Stock

Eworks Manager's Inventory Control System lets you manage all Purchase Order information in one system, whether it be ordering stock for a job or location, capturing partial deliveries or invoices from your suppliers. Tracking ordered stock becomes much easier with our software. Select the location from a drop-down, and the system will automatically update the location's stock count.

Track Stock Movements from One Location to The Next

When materials that are allocated to a job are not available in the technician's vehicle, the system can automatically generate a picking list for the mobile worker to collect from the warehouse with the available stock. The admin team can quickly create picking lists to move inventory from one location to the next. The system can then adjust the stock values for each location and keep a full history of all the stock moved.

Keeping a Full History of Inventory

Eworks Manager keeps a full history of picking lists created for locations, stock is orders for suppliers and when staff add or remove stock from specific locations. The system stores a history for you to refer back to if any issues arise around the inventory.

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Inventory Management System FAQs

1What is an Inventory Control System?

Eworks Manager's Inventory Control System helps your company keep track of materials in your warehouse or stock room. Our system can track mobile stock in your company vehicles, as we understand that many service businesses use their vehicles to store materials on the move.

Your team can create picking lists to move stock from one location to another. The system then adjusts stock values for each location and keeps a full history of stock moved. This is a fantastic feature for any service business that needs to monitor their stock in multiple sites, including inside their work vehicles.

2Why is Stock Control important?

An Inventory Management System enhances the accuracy of material orders. The system will help you measure how much stock you have on-hand and helps prevent stock shortages or overstocking in the warehouse. Your team can use the Eworks Manager Mobile App to log the stock that has been taken out so that it can be replaced in the next order from suppliers. Our system will help your company maintain an organized warehouse at all times.

Stock Control is also essential because your company can keep track of lost materials or instantly recognize stock theft. When you have full control over your inventory levels, your business will never have to delay jobs waiting for orders. Managing your inventory with an accurate system will save you time and money.

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