Inventory Management System

Inventory Management System

Are you looking to manage your inventory and easily maintain your stock? Why not check out Eworks Manager’s Inventory Management Software!

What is Inventory Management Software?

Glad you asked! Inventory management software is a system that keeps track of your stock levels, orders, deliveries, sale performance and much more.

So How Does Inventory Work with Eworks Manager?

Eworks Manager work with a number of different industries across the world. Some of these include Electrical, Facilities Management, HVAC Management, Locksmiths, Plumbing & Heating, Property Management, and many more! What these industries all have in common is that their business requires inventory management! And that’s where Eworks comes in!

Here are a few points on what the Eworks inventory feature helps your business with;

  • Manage stock control
  • Track deliveries of goods
  • Manage customer orders
  • Oversee sales performance
  • Track where stock is
  • Create work orders
  • Track expenses
  • Avoid product overstock
  • Track suppliers
  • Keep a history of ALL delivered goods
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