Asset Management Software

Asset Management Software

Are you looking to make asset management a profitable part of your business? Look no further as Eworks Manager has an all in one Asset Management software package!

It’s important to know what’s going on in your business at all times. This includes the care of all distributed company and customer assets. Our Asset Management feature involves managing and developing the asset distribution, maintenance, and utilisation of assets within a business. Having your assets set up in Eworks also allows you to know the status and location of all your assets. This makes things a lot simpler, especially when sending field staff out on a job against an asset.

Our Software has its many benefits and can help you with the following:

  • Save your business money & time
  • Track the history of your assets
  • Manage everything in one place
  • Barcode and locate your assets
  • Complete certificates against assets via the app
  • Keep track of jobs & recurring jobs, against assets
  • Maintain assets easily and effectively by setting up regular appointments
  • Keep assets organised
  • Avoid hardware costs
With our Asset Management Software, you can now create and manage all your company assets in one system. You can also locate them with a few clicks of a button. Furthermore, you can add assets to a job, invoice, purchase order and project!

Eworks Manager’s Asset Management feature is also unique from others on the market because it is fully integrated into our Job Management System! This means that, with only a few clicks of a button, you can view all your assets, jobs, services, and asset components all in one system. This will improve workflow and make life a lot easier.

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Automate Jobs

Automate your jobs to maintain your assets

Attach Files

Asset specific files can be viewed for all your jobs

Asset History

Engineers have the ability to see what has happened in the past.

Plan Schedules

Planning your projects allows you to forward schedule your workforce

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