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Asset Management Software - Track of all your or your clients' assets in a single management platform for your Field Service business

Manage & Organise Your Company Assets and Maintenance Plans with our Full-Featured Asset Management Software

Create recurring maintenance jobs, coordinate urgent repair jobs, and manage invoices. With our system, you can track all of your business's assets, like office equipment, company vehicles and even your clients' assets. You can also maintain any other equipment provided to a customer that may require an annual service.

Our Asset Management Software integrates with our Job Card Management Software. Our all-in-one system lets you view all of your assets, jobs, services, and schedules. Eworks Manager improves your business's workflow and organises every aspect of your field service business.

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A Full Asset History stored on the System

Eworks Manager's Asset Tracking Software keeps a complete history of your assets and their movements. When you have a full history on the system, you can track an asset's maintenance history and schedule maintenance plans to ensure your assets are always running smoothly.

Attach Mobile Documents to your Assets via the App

You can attach any digitised documents or certificates to your assets to keep up with compliance standards. Our Mobile App enables your mobile workers complete certificates against assets in the field.

Coordinate Jobs and Recurring Maintenance Jobs against Assets

Our Scheduling Software allows you to plan recurring maintenance jobs against your assets. When you set a recurrence rule, our system will automatically schedule future maintenance jobs to ensure your assets are always running at their best.

Assign Assets to Quotes, Jobs and Invoices

Assets can be allocated at any stage of the job process, without losing track of where they are or their costs. Assets can be allocated to quotes, jobs or invoices, ensuring that the correct customers are being invoiced for the relevant assets.

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Asset Management Software FAQs

1What is Asset Management Software?
Eworks Manager's Asset Management Software is designed for the management of your company's equipment and machinery. It is a system that captures accurate details about these assets to ensure your assets are adequately maintained. You can schedule or create jobs using your assets, and with asset tracking, you can update the asset's location when it is moved from site to site.
2How Can an Asset Management Solution Help Your Business?
When you have all of your asset information logged in one system, there are fewer issues. The system gives you access to vital asset information, including a full history of maintenance and jobs the assets have been used for. You can store and categorise your assets, which saves time as your team can view everything from an organised system when creating a job for an asset. If you use a system to track your assets onsite or your customer's site, unexpected costs and legal implications can be avoided if anything is ever doubted. You can also add custom fields against assets. Your mobile worker may need to add a field to record a temperature, enter a date range or select from a dropdown list. Our admin system syncs to the Mobile app so that each time an asset is serviced or the custom fields are updated; the data is saved and stored automatically.
3Can the Asset Management System be customised?
Our system is customisable and allows you to add custom fields or tags so you can arrange your system to you and your employees' requirements. Our software is also fully compatible with any iOS and Android mobile and tablet devices, so you can monitor and maintain your assets no matter where you are.

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