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With projects potentially lasting anywhere from a few weeks to several years, and with competition being so high, it is vital to keep track of all the costs of your projects. With our Project Management Tool, we can help you manage your project's expenses from start to completion. This ensures you keep track of your profit and margin levels from the beginning.

Our Project Management System is cloud-based, meaning your admin staff can access the Admin System from anywhere they can gain an internet connection. Your field staff can also access the Mobile App, which works both online and offline. This allows for all data to be captured and completed with no concern of location or loss of information.

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Invoice Jobs Individually or as a Project Invoice

Once you create a project in our system, you can add all your tasks and assign them to different trades. You can also post a job to a project and, as you add your products and materials to the job, the expenses begin to add up. Once an appointment within a project is set to complete, you can invoice it instantly as an individual invoice. You can also choose to group multiple invoices into one invoice.

Complete Project Costing Management

When you start to build your projects, you can always take a look at the overview. Our system will give you a breakdown of products assigned, any purchase orders linked, labour costs incurred during the appointments and any other expenses which relate to the project. This enables you to monitor the costings from day one; keeping you in control of your costs and profits.

Create Electronic Questionnaires that can be completed in the Field

We can digitise any forms or documents that need to be filled in on-site using our digital documents. The most popular document used with our Project Management System is a risk assessment form.

When a job is complete, the digital forms are filed against the appointment. If you are a business which is heavily audited for health and safety, these forms can be found in our file manager and are stored securely in the cloud. You no longer need to search for files and hunt for missing paperwork from your field staff.

Comprehensive Project Reporting

The reports section available within our Planning Tool gives you a break down of all your tasks and the status of each. With all this information available, you monitor how your projects are performing and ensure they are profitable.

The Complete Business System

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Project Planning System FAQs

1What is a Project Planning System?
Project Planning Software helps assist individuals or teams in organising tasks and managing projects effectively.
2How does a Planning System work?
The whole Planning System revolves around shifting between projects and clients. To coordinate tasks, choose from a range of views to create simple to-do lists or complicated task lists. You also have the option to track the time you contribute to each job.
3Why is a Project Planning System important?
A Planning System performs a vital role in supporting stakeholders, teams, and project managers throughout each project phase. Scheduling is required to identify goals, reduce risks, avoid missed deadlines, and deliver the agreed goods, services or results.

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