Purchase Order Software

Purchase Order Software

Whether you’re a builder, engineer or plumber, you will always have to order materials, tools, and parts to do a job. How do you manage these purchases? Well, that’s where Eworks Manager comes in!

With all company purchases and chasing after parts and materials to get a job done for a customer, this can become chaotic especially if you’re old-fashioned and like to stick to good old paper documents! It is vital that materials that are ordered, delivered and managed effectively for reactive jobs. When managed correctly you can keep customers and staff informed on when jobs can be done. For office staff, life would be so much easier with a system that saves them time chasing after documents and looking through file cabinets. Create, manage and process purchase orders with a few clicks of a button.

Also, it’s important that products are delivered and processed on time for planned work. This is so that the job can stick to an agreed schedule.

Eworks Manager has a built-in purchase ordering section that integrates into the rest of our system. Gone are the days of using a separate purchase order software and then copying all your information into multiple systems. Our integrated online quoting system and job management system are twinned seamlessly to our purchase orders. This makes your job easier. You can now create all your purchase orders by just a click of a button when a quote approved, the job started or even at invoice stage. Our easy to use online purchase ordering software had taken controlling your business to a new and more user-friendly level.

When you create a purchase order, you can send for approval before sending it to the supplier. Once you receive the invoice, you can upload and record the details of the invoice into the system and set the due date. Once the order is received, you can record the items against the original purchase order before notifying the booking team that the job can now be assigned.

You can;
  • Manage your suppliers and their pricing
  • Manage your purchasing and costs
  • Manage your staff and there ordering
  • Take control of your profits
Eworks Manager is committed to providing you with user-friendly solutions and helping businesses around the world become more efficient and profitable.

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