Job Card Reports - Manage and Monitor All Your Job Cards

Job Card Reports

Job Card Reports

Time is money, a phrase that is probably one of the truest ever used in business. Time tracking is built into our software for you to run a report on which helps manage your field operatives more effectively.

We have all had that job that you keep returning to, so much so that you have actually forgotten how many times you actually went there. You are focused on getting the job done and getting paid. All you know is that it took a very long time and you have a gut feeling that you made no profit.

In Eworks we track everything that happens, every appointment, every second spent on a particular job or project, and we then produce reports for you to assess. You can now see which jobs you make a profit on, and understand why jobs are going wrong as everything is all in one place.

Placing your operative costs into the system allows you to calculate every cent that you are spending after all your operatives are probably your biggest expense. Don’t worry, not everyone will see these costs unless you want them to. You can manage this in User settings. All costs are calculated automatically.

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Time tracking built into a software without me having to calculate all this at the end of the month for wages, is this real? Yes, it is!

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