User Rights Management Software - Manage your users access

User Rights Management Software

User Rights Management Software

With any Job Management Software, you want to be in control of your office and field staff. With Eworks you can select who can see what on the system. Whether they are a mobile user and you don’t want them having access to the admin system. Or if you want to hide customer information from certain users - you are in control.

You can add as many users as you want in the Eworks Manager system and control the features they can access whilst setting them up! We have three different types of users which are, administrators, managers, and mobile users. You can manage who creates an estimate on the system and App, who has access to jobs and creating them, who can complete and authorise invoices and who creates and authorises purchase orders on the system.

All types of users can be edited but the Super Administrator of the Eworks account has access to everything, including users contact information and login details. If an employee requires more access to the system and contacts us at Eworks, we will not authorise anything without the super admin's permission, so we advise all staff to contact their super admin for more access as they are in complete control.

You can also add the hourly wage against each user, so when they complete an appointment the costings are automatically processed. When a job is authorised a true profit/loss on your jobs, including what you have paid in wages for the job will be displayed.

You can record and keep track of any equipment the user has and any vehicle or personal certificates including expiry dates. You will receive an email informing you that the certificate is due to expire and you can chase up renewals. You can also upload any HR related paperwork.

You can even manage personal time off against any user and this will be displayed in the Eworks time planner on the system, so you know who is available and who’s not to complete and manage jobs. You also can report on holidays, meetings or sick days per user.

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