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Data Stored Locally on the App

Work from Remote Locations

Digital Documents stored locally

Never lose Job Card Data

Offline Task Management Software - Our App lets you continue working offline until you regain an internet connection; that way, you never lose any data!

Offline Mode on our App Lets You Complete Your Appointments, Even Without a Connection

Eworks Manager supports full offline mode. This means you can finish your tasks without any data connection. Even in remote places, you can still capture everything to the Mobile App, just as if you were online. The app will store your data locally on your phone or device until you are back online.

Your workers will never have to worry about losing any information in the field, because Eworks Manager is an online paperless system that either stores your work and documents in the cloud, or locally when you have no connection.

No connection? No problem!

Our Mobile App supports complete offline mode.
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All of Your Data will Sync to the System

As soon as your mobile device picks up a data connection, all data, pictures, and information entered into the Mobile App syncs to the Admin System, updating your task's progress and completion! All job cards with signatures will be automatically transferred to the Admin System on reconnection.

Our Offline Mobile Solution

With our offline mobile solution, we assist businesses who have workers in locations with little or no connection, stay in complete control of their tasks. If you would like to chat with one of our consultants about the offline support we offer, get in touch today.

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Offline Task Management App FAQs

1How does a Mobile App's Offline Capabilities help my business?

Mobile devices have helped make business more manageable. Syncing data between mobile devices and a central database means that data entry work is drastically reduced; there is less chance of human error and productivity is increased all around.

Our Mobile App and Offline Task Management Software are extremely reliable because it stores all the data you have entered locally on your device, and syncs to the Admin System when you are back online.

2How does a Job Card Management App help my business?

  • Access client information from the app while you are on-site, and pick up where you left off once you're back in the office.
  • View your appointments, attached documents, notes and tasks from your device.
  • Have simplified time tracking in the field.

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