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In this day and age, photos of work are necessary for data and promotion purposes. For this reason, we have implemented a Photo Management Feature into our system. This feature allows you to take photos whilst on a job and then upload them to a job. Once uploaded, the office will then be able to view, print or attach the images in an email for your customer to see.

On the Mobile App, it's easy to upload photos. You can either upload them on-site or upload them all at the end of the day via your device's gallery. All the images are then stored as attachments against a job which can be easily viewed on the Admin System.

When on-site, you are also able to add as many photos as you may need. These photos are then sent back to the office once the job is complete, ready to be filed against the appointment. If you work offline, the images will be stored on the Mobile App and will be sent over once an internet connection is regained. Our system also offers unlimited storage, meaning that you can have as many photos as you want to be uploaded to a quote, job or invoice on the Admin System.

Our Photo Management System also allows you to monitor all your jobs and the images you have taken. It also allows you to store all your job information in one place. Your customer can also view photos added as attachments within a job via the customer login portal.

This is a great feature to have because, in this modern-day, consumers now like to base their opinions on things they can see rather than what they hear. For this reason, we have implemented this feature to keep up with modern-day technology.

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Photo Management Software FAQs

1What is a Photo Management Software?
Photo Management Software organises and maintains a database of image files for businesses and users. Photo management helps users efficiently manage images and photos and store them against quotes, assets, jobs or invoices.
2How can I organise my photos for my business?
Photo Management Software allows you to track and manage jobs and upload images to each job, ensuring all images are stored in the correct place for easy retrieval. Because Eworks Manager is a cloud-based system, it allows you to manage your photos and jobs from anywhere using either the Admin System or Mobile App.

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