Mobile CRM

Mobile CRM

What is Mobile CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. CRM is intended to help businesses manage their customer data, interaction, information, complaints etc. Our CRM feature is a great way to keep all your customer information in one place, digitally.

Record a potential lead for a new job or quote using our App. You can then process it at a later stage. When sales staff generate leads for you, they can simply record that lead on the App and all the information is stored for office processing. With leads being totally customisable, the information you require can easily be entered. This is a great way to get rid of all that paperwork. Connecting your office with field staff is also effortless when using our mobile lead management software.

So How Does CRM work with Eworks?

When keeping track of jobs, invoices, leads, quotes and anything else regarding your customers, our CRM tab will track your customer history such as;

  • Customer Data
  • Customer Support
  • Complaints
  • Tasks
  • Customer Information
  • Jobs
  • Customer Communication
  • Invoices
  • Notes
  • Calls
  • Customer History
  • Emails
With this Eworks feature, you can track all your customer information so nothing slips through the net - and all with just a few clicks of a button! The CRM tab is present on jobs, invoices, quotes etc. so it is easy to find and easy to manage.

Our CRM feature is designed to maximise business organisation, management and success. Not only will this keep your business organised and efficient when it comes to your customers, but this feature has been built so your business can meet its overall business goals and objectives.

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