Automate your work and save time with our software integrations.

With our Zapier integration, you can connect Eworks Manager to thousands of popular apps to streamline your processes and automate tasks to save time so you can focus on the work that matters.

You can connect our software to over 5,000 apps, including Google Sheets, Microsoft Outlook, Mailchimp, Facebook Lead Ads, QuickBooks, and Xero. Our integration makes it easier to automatically share information between your web apps and automate tasks you usually do manually.

Reduce human error with automated workflows

Connecting Eworks Manager to your apps with Zapier improves data accuracy by reducing human error. When data is captured manually, it can be easy for the person handling the information to make a mistake. With automated workflows, the information is automatically shared between your apps, reducing human error.

Start automating your field service processes with our pre-made Zap templates below.

To use Eworks Manager's Triggers in Zapier:

  1. Click on Create Zap in Zapier.
  2. Search for and select ‘Eworks Manager’ in the app.
  3. Choose an Event/Trigger (Identify Zapier of a change in Eworks Manager).
  4. Click on 'Sign in to Eworks Manager' to authorise Zapier to use Eworks Manager API (Click on Choose an account if Eworks Manager app is already connected).
  5. Click on Test Trigger to validate and complete the Trigger setup.

Click here to see the full list of triggers.

To use Eworks Manager Actions in Zapier:

  1. Click on Create Zap in Zapier.
  2. Set up a Trigger to receive data from another application.
  3. Click on 2. Action to setup Eworks Manager action.
  4. Search for ‘Eworks Manager’ and click on “Eworks Manager - Dev (1.0.0)” to choose the app.
  5. Choose an Action Event (Send data from Zapier to Eworks Manager).
  6. Click on Sign in to Eworks Manager to authorise Zapier to use the Eworks Manager API (Click on Choose an account if Eworks Manager app is already connected).
  7. Setup action fields, Map your data received from the other application to the fields available for Eworks Manager action.
  8. Click on Test trigger to validate and completed the Trigger setup.

Click here to see the full list of actions.

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Zapier FAQs

1How can I connect Eworks Manager to Zapier?
The first step is to set up a Zapier account. Once you've created an account, click here to learn how to connect Eworks Manager to Zapier.
2Can I book training to learn more about the integration?
Our support team is available to help you and your team get started with the integration. To learn how to create a Zap, please visit Zapier’s Learning Center.
3What apps can I connect Eworks Manager to using the integration?
You can connect our software to over 5,000 apps. Discover all the pairing apps available by visiting Zapier's website.
4The trigger or action I need isn't available in Zapier. Will Eworks Manager be adding new features?
We're constantly developing and improving our software. If there's a feature you'd like us to add, please send us your suggestion.
5What changes do I need to make in Eworks Manager to use the integration?
You don't need to change anything in Eworks Manager to start using our Zapier integration. You can set up your Zaps and software integrations by logging into Zapier.
6Can I view the Zaps my team has created?
Admin users can see a list of triggers other users have set up in Zapier and enable or disable them. However, you won't be able to see who set up the Zaps or the apps connected to Eworks Manager.
7How much does it cost to use the integration?
We don't charge a fee for you to use our integration. Zapier offers a free plan and several subscription plans for their services. To learn more about their pricing, please visit their website.

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