A guide to getting good reviews for your field service business

Good reviews are gold for your business, but how do you get customers to share their positive experiences online?

We've put together a guide to help you get good reviews for your field service business.

Why good reviews are important

Field service is a thriving industry, and there are plenty of businesses for customers to choose from. To help them make their decision, they may turn to review websites and social media to see what others are saying about you and others in the industry. If people share positive reviews of your business, it can help you stand out in a sea of competitors and persuade potential customers to choose your company.
Reviews can also help you build a good reputation. Customers trust online reviews because they offer evidence that your company is reliable. When people see that others endorse your business, they'll be more willing to trust you. It gives them confidence in you and your team and boosts your company's credibility. Customers who weren't sure whether or not to invest in your services will be more willing to do so after learning that others have had a positive experience.

How to get good reviews for your business

Now that you understand the importance of good reviews for your business, you can start working on getting customers to share their positive experiences online. We've shared simple steps you can take to get those coveted five-star reviews.

Start by providing excellent service

Getting good customer reviews starts with giving them a reason to share their experience with your business. If you go above and beyond to offer a service that adds value, they'll be encouraged to share their experience online.
Crafting the perfect customer experience includes focusing on providing excellent customer support. If customers need assistance and your queries or complaints process is inefficient, you may upset customers and lose them to your competitors. A field service tool like Help Desk Software can help you streamline the process. You can answer your customers' questions efficiently and deal with complaints swiftly to avoid conflict that could jeopardise the positive customer experience you're working to create.

Ask customers for reviews

Reach out to your existing customers and ask if they'd be willing to write a review of your business. There is a good chance that people who've repeatedly used your service will be eager to share their experience online, and an even better chance that their reviews will be positive. An email campaign is an effective way to ask customers to share reviews. You can share a short message and a link to the platform where you'd like them to leave a review. Before you email your clients, ensure the link works and that it's easy for them to share the review.

Make use of multiple platforms

With reviews across multiple platforms, you can increase your chances of people finding your business online. When you ask customers for reviews, communicate all the platforms available so you can get as many positive reviews across the internet as possible. You can ask your customers to share reviews on Facebook, Google, review websites and your company's website.

Offer an incentive

Your customers' time is precious, so offer them something to make writing a review worth their while. Incentives like discounts, gifts and other freebies could encourage them to share their experiences online, and in return, you'll get good reviews for your business. To get the word out, you could create a paid social media campaign advertising the incentive on offer or send an email or SMS.

Respond to your reviews

Acknowledging reviews shows people that you're interested in hearing what your customers have to say and using their feedback to improve your service. Always thank the customer for sharing their experience and acknowledge their key points. When responding to a negative review, apologise for not meeting their expectations and let them know how you plan to resolve the issue in the future. Make an effort to respond quickly to reviews. Whether the customer is satisfied or disgruntled, responding in good time to show your appreciation or address a negative experience is essential.

Bonus: boosting customer satisfaction with Help Desk Software

We've mentioned the importance of providing excellent service to keep your customers happy and how you can use Help Desk Software to do this.
We want to highlight some more ways you can use the software to boost customer satisfaction and ultimately get more good reviews for your business.

Streamline your support ticket process

A complicated customer support process can have several consequences for your business. It'll slow your team down, making it challenging to work through customer issues and leading to a backlog of tickets. As a result, you'll have frustrated customers on your hands.
Fortunately, you can use Help Desk Software to streamline your process and prevent this from happening.
With Help Desk Software, you can give your customers access to a customer portal where they can log support tickets. The portal makes it easier for your clients to let you know they have an issue, and it saves your team time, as they can manage all tickets in one place rather than handling concerns via email and telephone.
Your technicians can also record all customer communication on the cloud-based system instead of keeping track of emails and phone calls across multiple platforms. Once a customer has raised a ticket, the employee responsible can add notes and any emails and calls related to their ticket.

Improve your response time

When a customer is faced with a problem, the last thing they want to do is wait for a solution. Making a frustrated client wait for a response adds fuel to the fire and could escalate the situation.
With Help Desk Software, your team can create and assign custom categories to support tickets to prioritise problems and ensure that urgent issues are dealt with swiftly.
When creating categories, you can add a description, assign a user, and select the priority level. This gives your team more information about the issue, ensures that the ticket is assigned to the right technician, and pushes urgent matters to the top of your team's to-do list.
Categorising tickets ensures that the people with the most appropriate skills or knowledge deal with particular queries or complaints. Leveraging your team's strengths and abilities when assigning support tickets increases efficiency, helping to improve your response time.

Find solutions quickly

When assisting a customer with an issue, finding as much information about their problem as possible is crucial. When you have all the details about the situation from the get-go, you're in an excellent position to find the best solution as quickly as possible.
Help Desk Software makes it easy for your team to gather detailed information from customers with questionnaires. You can ask the customer questions about their issue to learn as much as possible about the problem so that you don't have to follow up with the customer via telephone or email.
Sometimes, customers share queries you already have a solution to, and with Help Desk Software, you can store these on the system and quickly share them with customers. With easy access to resolutions for common issues, your team can close more tickets and find time to focus on troubleshooting critical or more complicated problems.


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