How Job Card Management is Helping HVAC Businesses go Paperless

We are Helping HVAC Businesses go Paperless

If you manage an HVAC Business then you have workers out in the field that you need regular interaction with.  You need to schedule and dispatch work to them, communicate customer needs to them and update changes to planned work.  You need to also receive notice when the job is done and know what needs to be invoiced.

While many HVAC Businesses now use some form of technology, there are still many that operate using a paper-based system between their office and field teams. For those using paper-based processes, managing the accompanying administration can create bottlenecks, which wastes valuable time and effort and makes the company inefficient.

Here are 15 benefits of going paperless, for those who are wondering what “going paperless” means:

  1. Save time on each job
  2. Get more jobs done every day
  3. Dispatch instantly as jobs come in
  4. Improve scheduling from real-time visibility of worker location
  5. Centralise and share information with other systems in real-time
  6. Once off input of data
  7. Quicker and more professional service
  8. Eradicate missing and inaccurate information
  9. Eliminate the delay of paperwork getting back to the office
  10. Document work electronically while on-site
  11. Reduce overtime filling out paperwork
  12. Invoice immediately on job completion
  13. Speed up cash flow by eliminating paper invoicing
  14. Keep track of every part used on jobs
  15. Create consistent work flow and data capture

Eworks Manager leads the way in simplifying field service management for all HVAC Businesses around the world. Our Mobile and web-based Job Card Management Software can resolve many problems which any HVAC Business would face with regards to paperwork.

Go paperless with automated scheduling and dispatch of work orders through to our easy to use mobile app which lets field worker access, document and share information at the touch of a button. Even invoicing can be done while on site. With Eworks Manager’s Job Card Management Software, you can update back office systems instantly.

As a result, revenue producing hours are increased, lost time is reduced and time taken from service completion to invoice is decreased from days to minutes.  We invite you to visit our Eworks Manager website or give it a try by starting your obligation Free 14 Day Trial to see what makes Eworks Manager an award winning and business changing software system.

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