Retaining field service customers when times are tough

When the economy's taken a blow and money's tight, customers must decide what products and services are most important. Convincing them to spend their money on your services will be challenging, but it's possible.

So, what can you do to show them they can't go without your services and persuade them to continue supporting your business?

This guide will explore how to retain customers in challenging economic circumstances to help you navigate customer loyalty when times are tough.

1. Be clear on how you can help them

Focus on the benefits of your services rather than the features. When money is tight, it's easy for customers to forget about the value you offer. Reminding them how you can address their challenges and make life easier can help you improve your chances of retaining them.
Remind them of the benefits: With less disposable income, customers may feel pressured to find cheaper service providers. Remind them of your benefits to reinforce their decision to choose your business.
Address their challenges: Highlight how your services address their pain points or challenges. Show them you offer solutions to real problems to remind them of the value you offer. This reminder may encourage them to spend their shrinking disposable income on your services.

2. Calculate the cost

If you offer maintenance services, calculate the cost of missed services. Tell customers how much they can save by doing regular maintenance. Seeing how much they can save will remind them how important it is to book regular maintenance appointments.
Highlight savings: Maintenance may not be a priority for customers when times are tough, but it's an effective way to save money in the long run. Maintenance can prevent breakdowns and the need for repairs. Highlight the cost of routine maintenance compared to the high costs of emergency repairs.
Educate customers: Provide educational content to illustrate the financial benefits of routine maintenance. Share blogs, infographics, or videos to showcase the cost-saving benefits of preventative maintenance.

3. Give them options

Ease the financial strain on your customers. Offer instalment plans and deferred payments. Flexible payment options encourage customers to support your business in tough times. If your competitors aren't offering flexible payments, they can make your services more attractive.
Offer instalment plans: Let your customers pay instalments over an agreed-upon period. Smaller payments are more manageable, making your services accessible to more people. Make sure your terms and conditions are clear before you offer instalment plans.
Defer payments: Allow customers to postpone payments without incurring extra fees or interest. Deferring payments gives customers immediate financial relief. This gesture can ease short-term financial stress and strengthen your relationships with them.

4. Reward them

Incentives encourage customers to make purchases, even when trying to be careful with their money. They give your clients a reason to choose your services over others; they know they can get something extra for their loyalty.
Offer discounts: Create a loyalty programme and offer discounts and special offers to members. The chance to save during an economic downturn encourages them to choose you over your competitors.
Referral programmes: Create a referral programme and offer rewards for successful referrals. Referrals work because people are more likely to trust a business a friend or family member supports.

5. Ask for feedback

When money is tight, your customers' needs may evolve. Seeking feedback shows you're committed to understanding their changing needs and finding ways to meet them. Your commitment may encourage them to stay loyal, even if your competitors are cheaper.
Find ways to improve: Identify and address pain points or shortcomings to enhance your customer experience. A positive customer experience can increase your chances of retaining customers.
Identify your competitive advantage: Use feedback to determine what customers value most about your brand. Highlight these strengths in your marketing to keep customers and attract new ones.

6. Deliver a better service

If the quality of your services is good, your customers won't want to give them up or find cheaper alternatives. Deliver services your customers can't do without by delivering a service that wows.
Build trust and credibility: When times are tough, people want services from companies they trust. Excellent service fosters trust and gives you credibility. Even if your prices are higher than your competitors, your clients will come to you because they know they can depend on you.
Embrace digital tools: Simplify your operations with tools like Field Service Management Software. Finding simple ways to get work done can help you increase quality and productivity.


Final thoughts

When all's said and done, excellent service is pivotal in retaining customers when times are tough.

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