A Maintenance Management App that puts you in Control

Maintenance management refers to the process of organising maintenance resources in a way that ensures efficiency, regulatory compliance and cost control. A maintenance management system can be used to augment this process, making it faster and more effective.

The importance of Maintenance Management

The importance of maintenance management cannot be overstated, because, when done poorly, it can affect the entire organisation. For example, if repairs are not properly prioritised, you will have maintenance staff fixing an unessential piece of equipment, instead of a crucial component within the production line. Likewise, improper maintenance management can lead to higher costs. If a manager assigns a team of four workers to a project, when a single worker would suffice, the company incurs a cost penalty.

To ensure that this vital process is handled in the most efficient and reliable manner, companies are turning to maintenance management systems. These systems can help extend asset longevity with preventative management, lower labour costs, reduce equipment downtime, improve inventory management, and lower the turnaround time for work orders.

This type of software was originally used in the manufacturing sector almost exclusively, but as the results kept piling up, it soon made its way into resorts, hotels, hospitals, office buildings, colleges and others.

The Features of a Maintenance Management Application

  1. A Streamlined Maintenance Request Process

    One of the biggest bottlenecks for maintenance management is the maintenance request process itself. Many employees are dissuaded from issuing maintenance requests due to the cumbersome nature of this process. Even if the employees do use it, and the process is fairly efficient, you still have many cases in which the requests start overflowing and issues remain unresolved. A maintenance management platform is the perfect solution here. To start, submitting requests is done directly and immediately through the software. The software can prioritise, instantly deliver, and alert the relevant party that a request has been sent, thus allowing key maintenance teams to respond very quickly to unplanned breakdowns, maintenance issues, and random equipment emergencies.

  2. Preventative Management

    Preventative management can be an often overlooked operation for many companies. With a powerful application in place, the maintenance team can track the status of all assets, and schedule preventative care sessions for each one. The system will then issue reminders through messages, emails and text messages, and even prioritise tasks in order to streamline the process as much as possible.

  3. Asset and Equipment Management

    In a similar vein, maintenance management applications have an asset and equipment management feature as well. This feature tracks the repair history, work orders, warranty information, meter readings, and location on the floor plan for your assets and equipment. With this information at their fingertips, your maintenance teams are able to coordinate at all times, reducing redundant service work.

  4. Inventory Management

    The inventory management features allow your company to keep track of all the stocked items in your inventory. This was done with spreadsheets or spreadsheet software in the past. Nowadays, maintenance management software automates much of the process. All of the items and their locations are recorded, and auto-order procedures can be put in place in case the stock runs low. Alternatively, the software can be programmed to issue emails containing updates or alerts.

  5. Mobility

    The last important feature of maintenance management software is mobility. This type of software can be run on desktops, mobile phone, and tablets, which is especially important for maintenance teams which need to be mobile. Whether it’s locating an asset, coordinating with the team’s manager, or being able to receive emergency maintenance requests, mobility allows a team to coordinate and respond in real-time to any pressing issue. Mobility also gives maintenance team member access to all of the information they need, whether it’s equipment manuals or SOP documentation.

Should You Purchase Maintenance Management Software?

The answer is yes. Maintenance management software such as Eworks can be used in many other departments of your company. Eworks for example has many built-in features, such as the Job Management Software, Invoicing Software, CRM Software, PPM and many others. The ROI with one of these systems is unbelievable since they usually revolutionise every business operation in your company. On top of that, if you have specialised operations, some software companies can create specialised modules that directly address your issues. If you are currently looking for a way to optimise your business processes, a Maintenance Management App is essential.

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