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How Asset Management Can Help Your Business

Are you looking to make asset management a success story for you and your business? Well, look no further! Eworks Manager’s Asset Management feature allows you do this and more.

As a company continues to grow, the sales processes need to become more and more structured. However, a common problem often arises; finding the correct slide presentation or product sales presentation when needed. To solve this problem, businesses often turn to Asset Management Software.

Our Asset Management module helps you create, manage and maintain recurring jobs, urgent jobs, invoices against assets and so much more. Asset management software also helps you track all your assets, whether they be internal or customer based. Internal assets may include your office equipment or company vehicles, whereas customer assets include equipment provided to the customer that may require a yearly service.

What sets Eworks Manager’s Asset Management feature apart from others on the market is the integration with our job card management system. Aimed at improving workflow, you can view all your assets, jobs, services and asset components - all in one system with a few clicks of a button.

What is Asset Management and How Can It Benefit Your Company?

Asset management is the process of maximising assets of the company to provide the best returns to stakeholders. By keeping track of company assets, businesses can hence save a lot of time and money.

Business assets may include both fixed and liquid assets. Included in asset management is also asset recovery. It is hence important for a company to be able to manage its assets, and use them to get the maximum possible returns.

What our Asset Management Software can do for you and your company:

  • Tracks the history of your assets
  • Saves your business money & time
  • Complete certificates against assets via the app
  • Barcode and locate your assets using the system
  • Keep assets organised
  • Keep track of jobs & recurring jobs against assets
  • Avoid hardware costs
  • Maintain assets easily and effectively
If you want to improve your company's asset management processes, Eworks Manager is the software for you. Try our 14-Day Free Trial and test out our software for yourself.

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