How a CMMS System can benefit your Business

CMMS means “Computerised Maintenance Management System”. CMMS is a software application that helps teams keep an archive of all assets they have the effect of, schedule and monitor maintenance tasks, as well as keep a historic record of functions and jobs they perform.

Advantages of a CMMS program

When you implement a computerised management system in your business, you will see the following advantages:

  • Less work black-outs: It is simple to do preventive maintenance with a system in place to plan, meaning there is much less surprise breakdowns.
  • Accountability: Track your technician’s time on all tasks to gauge productivity and get alerted whenever a job is abandoned.
  • Less overtime: Better scheduling of work implies that your team isn’t seated idle or working overtime meaning work can end up being distributed evenly.
  • Fewer mistakes: More information and details of each job can be captured, together with impending problems as well as solutions, so this can be made use of for future jobs.
  • Savings on purchases: Inventory planning features can provide you with more time to look around for spare components and pricing, instead of needing to buying things in a rush.
  • Certification and evaluation: A full report of assets, as well as performance, helps supervisors analyse energy utilisation and plan maintenance budgets.

Who utilizes CMMS systems?

These days all types of businesses require maintenance and CMMS systems to aid in maintenance planning and strategy, as well as record jobs and expenses. You will find 4 major kinds of users for these types of systems:

  • Production maintenance: These are companies which make tangible products. They have machines, assembly lines, forklifts, and heavy equipment that need frequent maintenance.
  • Service/Facilities maintenance: These are companies that look after building maintenance. Some examples include apartment structures, office buildings, public facilities and government buildings which all need maintenance. CMMS systems can help in the streamlined planning and execution of structural, HVAC, as well as water-supply problems.
  • Fleet maintenance: These are companies that look after vehicles and transport fleets. Car rental businesses, delivery vehicles, buses and fleets associated with local, cross country and cross border transportation which all need repairs and maintenance scheduled which can be taken care of with a CMMS system.
  • Linear resource maintenance: This is really a special category associated with maintenance for companies which have assets that tend to be very large or complex in nature. Examples are a city’s linear property of roads, as well as water pipes, a telecoms company’s fibre-optic wiring and telephone cables and an energy utilities maintaining long sections of electrical cabling.

A CMMS System can solve a lot of your business headaches and it can make the working environment so much easier. Eworks Manager is a perfect match for all these companies and problems, so start organising your business the right way.

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