Creating a safe environment for field workers with CMMS Software

Creating a safe environment isn't only beneficial for protecting field workers from harm. It fosters employee satisfaction and productivity, helping you retain workers and build a team that can contribute to the long-term success of your business.

In this blog, we'll explore the value of creating a safe work environment and how you can use Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) Software to mitigate risks, promote proactive measures, and safeguard your field professionals.

The importance of creating a safe work environment

Creating a safe work environment is paramount. It not only ensures the safety and well-being of field workers but lays the foundation for long-term success.
Here are some key reasons highlighting the importance of a safe work environment for field workers:

Promote team well-being

Creating a safe work environment minimises the risk of injuries, accidents, and occupational illnesses, protecting your team's physical and mental health. Fewer injuries mean fewer days lost due to sick leave or disability, ensuring a more consistent and reliable workforce.

Retain employees and keep them happy

Your workers will be happier and more likely to stay at your company if you do everything possible to prevent accidents. Companies that prioritise worker safety are often more attractive to potential employees. Therefore, a safe work environment can help you retain existing talent and attract new skilled workers.

Knowledge and expertise

Long-term employees accumulate valuable knowledge and industry-specific expertise. Retaining these employees ensures you retain this knowledge, which can be critical for decision-making, problem-solving, and innovation.

Build a positive reputation

Prioritising safety can help you build a positive reputation among employees, clients, customers, and your community. It shows people you're a responsible business owner or manager and value ethical business practices.

Stay compliant

Compliance with occupational health and safety regulations protects your business against legal consequences, fines, and damage to your reputation. It's also easier to secure loans and attract investments if you do everything by the book.

Create a safe environment for your team with CMMS Software: 7 steps

CMMS Software gives you tools to promote safety in the field. Let's explore how you can use the software to minimise risk and protect your technicians:

1. Schedule preventative maintenance

A proactive approach to maintenance minimises the risk of dangerous equipment breakdowns. Schedule recurring maintenance jobs to maintain assets and prevent equipment failure. Recurring jobs save you the hassle of manually scheduling appointments and ensure maintenance jobs are always done on time.

2. Track maintenance work

Record all maintenance work done, identify patterns in equipment failure, and find ways to improve your maintenance schedule. A data-driven approach can help you schedule preventative maintenance more effectively, reducing unexpected breakdowns and downtime. The best part about using CMMS Software to keep a record of maintenance work is the data is stored in the cloud, reducing your risk of losing valuable data.

3. Share clear and detailed instructions

Give your technicians clear instructions to avoid confusion and reduce the likelihood of errors or accidents caused by unclear instructions. Create and share detailed job cards with them via the system, which they can access via an app from their mobile devices. With digital job cards, you can edit the information in real-time and attach documents workers may need.

4. Store safety documents on the system

Store documents like manuals, safety guidelines, and regulatory compliance information on the system so your technicians can find important safety rules and instructions on-site. Regularly update the documentation to ensure your team can access the latest safety information.

5. Create safety checklists

Get your technicians to complete safety checks online. Create custom digital questionnaires where they can select answers, share feedback, or share the date, time, or signatures. Because the checklists are digital, your team can complete them from their mobile devices, ensuring they can do safety checks anywhere.

6. Get real-time alerts

If your technicians work alone or in unsafe areas, use real-time alerts to send them help if they have an accident or are in a dangerous situation. Give them a panic button they can activate from their mobile devices. Once activated, you'll receive a notification on the system, and using real-time mobile tracking, you'll be able to get to them or send help immediately.

7. Monitor stock levels

Preventative maintenance tasks can only be done if you have the materials required for maintenance jobs in stock. Track stock levels and create purchase orders when stock levels are low. Optimal stock levels enable your team to complete scheduled maintenance jobs and not have to skip maintenance if you don't have the parts they need in stock.


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