Do you need software to manage your electricians in the field ? Try Eworks Manager

Being an electrician is no 9 to 5 job because electrical emergencies don’t keep office hours. And if you are managing a team of electricians, keeping track of man-hours, timesheets, job cards and expenses, it can all quickly become a nightmare.

If you have been playing with the idea of getting job management software, then Eworks has exactly what you need. We can provide you with software that will allow you to run your electrical business with more intelligence and control, and that is because we understand how crucial proper management and control is to your success.

Eworks Manager is all-encompassing

We offer you a management system that is fully integrated and operates in real-time. Whether you are tracking an emergency situation onsite, or the day to day running of your business. Data and information can be entered from anywhere, at any time. No matter where your electricians and teams are, they can complete the job, and the information is immediately available. And if they don’t have a signal out in the field, nothing changes. Our app works in the same way and at the same speed even when it is offline because it is automated. All data is stored, and once there is a signal again, it will be posted back to the office.

Your teams can request parts and equipment while they are on a job, eliminating unnecessary time delays. You can also add and approve purchase orders right away. The system allows you to track individual staff and teams so you can reassign people easily if there is a crisis situation. And there is also a tracking system for your clients so that they can keep up to date of job progress as well.

The handy tracking system is not only there for checking on and reassigning staff. It also allows you to check and manage the time of teams out in the field. You can see how long it takes them to get to site, how much time they spend on site and how long it takes them to get back to the office. This is not only a staff management tool but also a cost management tool. Bill your clients for the real-time expended, and not just a time estimate.

Crises apart, Eworks manager completely revolutionises the running of your business. Because the system is all-encompassing, it takes care of everything, giving you access to real-time information from your laptop, mobile phone or tablet, anytime, anywhere. You no longer have to keep reams of paperwork placed in piles on your desk or filed in bulky lever-arch files. You can begin to work in an orderly paperless environment, saving you valuable time. And you can choose how you want your paperless environment to be filed because you can upload specific documents to job cards and create folders where you need to.

No stone unturned

Eworks manager takes care of so much more. You can have the software integrated with existing programs that you use, and the system allows you to personalise templates with your brand, so there is no need to use any other system.

Create quotes, create jobs, assign contractors and complete invoices for all your electrical jobs from one system. Manage and track incomplete jobs, set notification triggers, send client notifications and manage all expenses from the same system.

The user timesheet function records the hours of field staff, so no more collecting and processing timesheets on Monday mornings either.

This means that your time is freed to do what you do best: manage your electrical business, share your expertise, maintain good supplier and contractor communication, maintain good client relationships, and support your field electricians rather than wade through piles paperwork all day to keep on top of what is going on. Plus support staff like your accounts department, admin and sales can access the system for information to update clients, resolve queries, process accounts and so much more.

Eworks manager gives you the edge over your competitors because you will know in real time what is happening in your business. You will also have access to many different reports and snapshot summaries that will keep you up to date on invoicing, expenses, open and completed jobs, time sheets and profits and losses.

Contact Eworks Manager to discuss job card software that will let you estimate, plan, manage and invoice your jobs all in one place, and start your free trial today.

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