A guide to improving your project management skills

As a project manager, you should always be learning, no matter your industry. Continuous learning gives you the opportunity to grow your skill set and stay up to date with industry trends to stay relevant and future proof your career. If you're ready to improve your skills but not sure where to start, use our guide to sharpen your project manager skills.

Assess your skills and identify knowledge gaps

To become a better project manager, you need to identify the skills you need to succeed. Some of the top skills of successful project managers include time management, problem-solving, leadership, communication, conflict management, and adaptability. Once you've determined the skills you need to be an excellent project manager, you can assess your skills and identify knowledge gaps. The next step is to set goals to measure your success. It'll be rewarding to see how far you've come, and you can re-evaluate your goals and set new ones as your skills improve to ensure that your development doesn't stagnate.

Sign up for training courses

Once you've done a skills review, you can sign up for training courses to acquire new skills. Various options are available for training, including online courses, instructor-led training, mentoring, and job shadowing. The best method for training will depend on the nature of your work. For example, if you're always on-site, you may not have time for online courses or instructor-led training, and job shadowing and mentoring will be the best solution. You can also sign up for webinars and newsletters from leaders in the industry. These resources are typically free, and they're a great way to stay up to date with industry news and trends and get advice from experts in your field.

Ask for feedback

Opening yourself up to feedback can be intimidating but it can help you develop your project management skills. The best people to request feedback from are your staff members. They'll be in the best position to offer feedback as they've experienced your project management skills and processes first-hand. When you receive feedback, ask questions to get clarity and thank them for their feedback. Requesting feedback can also help you improve your relationship with your team, as it shows them that you value their insight. Don't wait to complete a project to ask for feedback. Ask your team to share feedback with you regularly to show your team that you want to create an environment where feedback is always valued.

Consider using a project management tool

Support is essential for project managers, and Project Management Software can enhance your project management skills, giving you tools and resources to manage every aspect of your projects. The software gives you access to real-time job updates, your team's location, digital documents, reports on project performance, and Invoice Software to send individual invoices for projects or one invoice for multiple projects. It's easier to perform to the best of your ability when you have one platform to manage your projects.


To be a successful project manager, you need the right skills and tools to empower you. Sign up for our Project Management Software to access a platform with all the tools you need to support your work. Contact our team to get started today or try Eworks Manager with a free trial.

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