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Electronic Job Card Software and its Benefits

A job card is a detailed description of the work completed for a job. Job cards are used in many industries, including electrical contracting, plumbing and facilities management, to provide field workers with job details and get feedback once the job is done. With a paper job card system, the job cards are printed, handed to the technician, completed, and returned to the office when the job is done.

The downside of this system is that it's easy for something to go wrong; for example, a technician could lose a job card or capture the information incorrectly. The solution to this problem is to use Job Card Software to create and manage electronic job cards.

What is an electronic Job Card?

An electronic job card is a digital job card you can access on a computer, tablet or mobile phone that can be filled out using an online system. A job card will typically include the job details, including the address and contact details of the customer, and a worksheet for your engineers to complete once they've completed the job.

What is Job Card Software?

Job Card Software is an online solution that lets you manage your electronic job cards. With Job Card Software, you can create job cards and add the details the field worker needs to get the work done, including a task summary, the customer's address and contact details. Once you've created the job card, you can allocate the job to an available technician, who can access the job card via the system on their phone or tablet. Once they've completed the job, they can add the details of their work to the job card and finish the job. You can then use the information from the job card to create an invoice for your customer. Good Job Card Solutions make it easier to track all your job cards, no matter where your technicians are. With this system, it's easier for your technicians to update the job card quickly, and you'll never have to worry about a field worker misplacing a job card.

The benefits of Job Card Software

Our Job Card System has so much to offer, and the benefits are invaluable. The all-in-one system makes it easier to keep an eye on job progress, as your technicians can share updates in real-time, and you can create invoices as soon as the technician has completed the job. It's also easier for your technicians to update jobs cards on-site with their mobile phones, and your office team doesn't need to wait for technicians to return to the office to receive updates. A Job Card Solution simplifies your business processes, as you don't need to copy information from paper to an online system. Like any other software, improvements are constantly being made to make the system more efficient, making your Job Card System an investment that continuously improves your company's efficiency.
Besides creating and managing job cards, Job Card Systems also offer other benefits. You can upload documents and certificates to the system to make digital copies, track your mobile technicians, get comprehensive business reports and get jobs approved on-site with contactless approval methods. Our Job Card System offers a range of benefits for businesses in the field service industry.

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