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Save Time With our Job Scheduling System

Eworks Manager’s Staff Planning Software is an easy and effective system to help you schedule and manage your jobs. Our virtual whiteboard lets you view all upcoming jobs. The system also allows your sales team to manage bookings and your technicians to organize their work.

The software also includes three different views. The first includes a day by day presentation of all your jobs whereas the second presents a working week view, where all your jobs for the working week are stored. And lastly, the full week view presents a view of the week and weekend and all its relevant jobs. This is ideal for companies that never close.

Operating the system has also never been easier. With its drop-and-drag feature you can easily plan for any job and, also add relevant information to the given job. The jobs that have been dragged into the planner are then fully integrated into the system. This allows you to manage existing jobs and to move any job to a given time. Notifications also come with the system, alerting you if the appointment has been changed.

Eworks Manager Planner - Your virtual whiteboard that streamlines your scheduling to help you become more efficient.

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