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Manage Daily Business Tasks Efficiently with Help Desk Software

In today’s competitive business world, if you want to grow your business, you need to have a strong relationship with your customers, and a help desk software can help you with that.

Switch to Help Desk Software and Maximise the Productivity of your Business

Resolve your Tickets Quickly and Easily

Managing support tickets has never been simpler than with Eworks Manager. Create, maintain, and monitor all of your tickets in a single system to ensure that you are always aware of issues. Our software enables quicker response times, ensuring that your customers are always happy with the service you provide.

Tickets can be produced by a staff member or your customers using our Admin System or the customer login portal. As a result, the customer will no longer need to call or email for assistance. Each inquiry is monitored and saved in our cloud-based software using our ticket system.

Never Miss Any Ticket

When you manage tickets manually, then there are chances of some of your tickets being missed or lost. Help Desk Software can help you to minimise such kinds of errors.

Prioritise your Tickets

Some issues require an immediate response. Help desk software helps you mark the tickets that need to be resolved immediately to fix them urgently.

Streamline your Business Operations

You can easily assign jobs to your field workers, who get immediate notification of the assigned task through their mobile phones. You can plan effective job schedules, which helps you to run your business smoothly.

How Can Eworks Manager Help Your Business?

Manage your Tickets Efficiently

If you want to grow your business, then proper management of your tickets is necessary. You can create, manage and track your tickets efficiently with the help of our Help Desk Software. Your staff or customers can easily create a ticket, and they have to select a specific category and then write some description related to the issue. They can also add an attachment if they want to. Staff can use the admin system, and customers can use the customer login portal to create tickets.

Assign and Manage Jobs Easily

You can assign jobs to your employees by using a wide variety of planners offered by our system. You can use the drag and drop feature to drag an appointment and drop it into a particular worker’s schedule. Once a job is assigned to a worker, he is immediately notified of the new job via our Mobile Job Scheduling App.

Track your Field Workers via the Live Mobile Tracking Feature

The Live Mobile Tracking feature helps you locate your field workers by tracking their devices while they are out in the field. You can find out exactly what place a field worker is at a particular moment and how much time he is giving to a specific job.

Track your Vehicles via the Vehicle Tracking Feature

You can use the live vehicle tracking software feature to find out the live location of your vehicles. You can easily track your company vehicles and figure out how much distance a particular vehicle has covered, at which route it is at a particular moment, and whether your employee is driving safely or not.

Generate Customised Invoices

Invoices can be generated either via the Mobile App or through the admin system. You can create invoices by using our system’s templates or customise them according to your requirements.

The Help Desk Software offered by Eworks Manager is the perfect solution to all your management problems. You can easily manage all of your business-related tasks without overburdening yourself. You can try out our help desk software for a 14-day free trial and then decide whether it supported your business or not.

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